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NECC COG supports Walk for Hunger

On Wednesday April 20, Community Outreach Group had a bake sale for the Walk for Hunger organization. 

Nick Stuart, the president of COG has been an active member for four semesters.  “The club has gained a lot of new members as of late and that’s really exciting,” he said. 

For the most recent bake sale, they raised about $225.  Additionally, club members have been getting donations from friends and family that all go to the organization. 

The COG goal for the Walk for Hunger is $500. 

The money raised for the Walk goes to support more than 255,000 households that “can’t always predict where their next meal is coming from,” according to the NECC COG fundraising page for the Walk.

There are five students from the club that are going to be participating in the Walk: Alyssa Torres, Tori Stubbs, Julianne Darnelle, Alexander Barkas and Shawna Lachance. 

The Walk for Hunger is a 20 mile walk in Boston and is coming up this Sunday, May 1. 

Anyone interested in sponsoring one of these 5 students can go to

Their meetings take place every Monday at 12:00 in C-107.