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Juggling a job and class

Job Fair to be held for NECC students and alumni

For many college students across the country, a top priority is having a job. Very few students actually have the luxury of just focusing on school, or a job and a majority have to balance both.

I was fortunate enough to begin my college journey with a job that fit my needs as a full time student. I’ve been working as a Group Leader at Rangers Club for the Methuen Public school system since high school. I’ve currently been employed there for four years. Working there has provided me with the opportunity to be able to perfectly balance school and work life. For many students working a part time or full time job can be draining and time consuming, leaving little to no time for school work. My job allows me to register as a full time student while working a few hours a day as well as weekends off to dedicate to my academics.

Working at Rangers Club means I can manage my time properly and also allows me to work with amazing kids and staff members. Rangers Club is currently hiring for multiple positions. More information can be found on the Methuen Public Schools Website under “Employment.”

For those who are interested in part and full time jobs, NECC will be having a job fair on Thursday October 4, which is free and open for students to attend and talk to potential employers from a variety of companies and organizations as well as potential “on spot interviews.”

The fair will be held in the Haverhill Campus Hartleb Technology Center, Room 103 A&B.