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Late knight study sesh

Student Life event included extended hours for libraries, computer labs

On Monday October 29th a late-night study session was held in the library, computer lab and in the second floor of the student center. The “Late Knight Study Sesh” was an event organized by the student life office. Stephanie Haskell Coordinator of Social Justice and Student Leadership, staff responsible for the event said, “the main reason we thought of this event was so students can have a quiet place to study for midterms.”

Students were provided with longer access to computers, quiet spaces in the library as well as breakfast themed treats; waffle bar, cereal, granola bars, Keurig Coffee Station, water, and a hot coco bar in the student center. In addition to the treats, there were also activities available if students wanted to

students standing around table with white table cloth eating snacksPhoto by Jaritza Hidalgo

Students enjoying snacks at Student Center

take a break from studying, the activities were gentle yoga and trivia BINGO. Study supplies, and study tips & resources were available as well if needed.

The Late Knight Study Sesh was created in a short time noticed compared to other events in NECC. Academic technology assistant David Arivella thinks that the Late Knight Study Sesh was a “decent idea that was not advertised well.” He said that the number of students in the computer lab was not that much different from the regular days, with the difference being that the student center was still open at 8pm when it is usually closed by 6pm. Arivella added that “the event would of have been more successful in a four-year college” and that there is low attendance because NECC is a community college and people prefer to be home at such a late hour.

        The student life office is starting to prepare for the same event to happen before finals “we are going to talk as a team to make it work and do a Late Knight Study Sesh before the finals” Haskell said. She added that there will be more time for advertising, and “hopefully” a broader selection of food and drinks can be provided. NECC student Kevin Galva 23, and Ashleigh Demaris 21, said they would be open to the idea of coming to another late-night session like this one before finals.

When spoken to students that knew about the late night studying session, they thought it was a good idea. Galva 23, and Demaris 21, found out about the fact that the library would be open until 12 from a friend, they discarded the email that was sent to students because it did not stand out from the normal announcements. Demaris added “I do wish that the lab was open regularly at least till 10 pm” and Galva said, “yes I would come to a late study session happening before finals.” After 9:30 the number of students was lower, but there were still students working in the computers and studying by themselves in the quiet areas of the library and in the student Center.