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NECC opens new study area

Students have a new place to find a quiet place to focus

A new quiet student area is available for NECC students’ use. The area is in the second floor of the Behrakis One-Stop Student Service Center (Student Center). The space was once occupied by Academic Advising; which has since been moved to the first floor of the Behrakis One-Stop Student Service Center.

Vengerflutta Smith, director of student life and student conduct administrator said, “The area is currently available for students to use as a quiet study area.” She said that there will also be more areas created for students to study and get work done on the Haverhill campus, like another computer lab for

A photo of the new study area. it has a kylight that is letting very little light in. The area its self has table and chairs and a dark rug Photo by Jaritza Hidalgo

The quiet study area on the second floor the Student Center.

students to use. “The area will be available for students to use during the hours of The Office of Student Life. These hours are Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday’s noon to -4:30 p.m.” Smith said.

The tables in the area can be moved to best suit a group or to make independent study more comfortable. There are also small cubicles in the area that students can use.

Stephanie Haskell Coordinator of Student Activities for Leadership and Social Justice Initiatives said “I have recently used this space to meet with members of the chapter to host multiple make-up NSLS Orientation sessions.  I choose this space to use for these sessions as I was only meeting with 3-6 students each session, and there was not anyone currently studying in the space at the time.” Haskell also added that it is a quiet spot on campus that is currently not very popular and there are less distractions while studying.

The area has high glass ceilings that provide natural light and make the Area more open and calming. Whether it is a sunny, rainy or snowy day there is plenty of natural light going in. Jennifer Carty a student at NECC gave her opinion of the area and said “with the pictures I saw of the space, I found it really refreshing to have glass ceiling. I think if I have a mental block it would be nice to just look up for a little break.” The quiet area is conveniently located in the same floor as the book store, students can buy snacks if they get hungry while studying. Haskell and Smith both said that this space will be available for students to use for studying during another “Late Knight Study Sesh: Finals Edition” on Monday, Dec. 10 and Tuesday Dec. 11 until 10 p.m.