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Bruins and Celtics: Make or Break

Both teams are above .500

Boston’s Celtics and Bruins are starting to produce, after having a rough start of the season. Both teams are above .500. And both teams have lost 10 games. Each team has time since the half-way point isn’t until next year in January. Last season they made it to the playoffs but were eliminated in the end. This two are the minor teams compared to the Red Sox and the Patriots, though they have each raised a banner in the 2000’s. They have the potential to raise more, their team chemistry is off the charts, but they are unable to perform.

Playing in the city of Boston is tough, than fans like myself expect you to win games.

The Celtics are 15-10 and are sitting in fifth in the Eastern Conference, you would think that with the departure of Lebron James to the Western Conference it would make the Celtics the top dog. With their recent win streak, they are moving up in the standings and they have begun outscoring their opponents with a hefty margin. Recently they beat the Chicago bulls 133-77. Through previous games they have scored more than 100 points which is something you at least should accomplish if you want to win games in the NBA. Their starting five is one big unit, their motto is that they don’t have one superstar, the whole team is the superstar. In recent games Gordon Hayward has been coming off the bench and has been performing. To win championships your starting five and bench need to make big plays. The team has a rough schedule the next coming weeks but I’m sure they will produce.

It’s a new season we must watch what happens in the end.

The Bruins have had a tough year, they lost one of the best goaltender in the NHL to a family matter and they were losing games, but once Tuukka returned he was out performing but his defense wasn’t contributing, plenty of the defenseman went down to injury, (Charlie McAvoy, Zdeno Chara, Kevan Miller, etc.). It also doesn’t help that they traded away Adam Mcquaid to their rivals the New York Rangers. The team is eleven points behind the leader the Tampa Bay Lightning, but in recent games they have a nice little streak of two previously beating the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-3 and the Ottawa Senators 2-1 in overtime. If this team wants to make a heavy playoff push this year they must show it, they have to have their young skaters produce because they can’t keep relying on Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara.

It’s December and for the NBA and NHL this is the spot where everything gets tough for the teams, each team has a young core that must produce because during this part of the season this is where you make it or you break it. Playing in the city of Boston is tough, the fans like myself expect you to win games, hence the name “City of Champions”. It’s a new season and we must watch what happens in the end.