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Festival fashion

Students give their thoughts on Coachella

Festival fashion used to mean flowing dresses and flower crowns. Now, those are nowhere near enough to stand out at Coachella, the be-all-end-all event for festival style. Many of the festivalgoers who swarmed the stages in Indio, Calif., were scantily clad. Some of them skipped clothes altogether, passing off bikinis or lingerie as a full outfit. And don’t forget about the hair and makeup. Loose waves, braids, and mini-buns were popular hairstyles. Natural, minimal makeup appeared to be the trend (or everyone had already sweated off their fully contoured faces) with lots of jewels, glitter and flash tattoos to spice things up. This year Coachella started on Friday, April 12 and ended on Sunday the 21. Coachella is one, if not the biggest music festival of California, with music artists, food, and VIP events. Just tickets alone can cost up to $1,000 and that’s not including airfare if you are traveling, or hotels, or if you want merchandise and food.

One of the most important aspects of Coachella is fashion. Student Sophia Marcus always enjoys watching Coachella videos on youtube and looking at the new trends. Although she’s never been it would be an unforgettable experience. Every year, thousands flock to the desert wearing some of the year’s wildest fashions. And while festival wear has become something of a parody of itself — we never need to see another sheer or knitted kimono paired with denim shorts again — this year welcomed an upgraded, futuristic take on the overdone boho-chic bore. Face jewels are the new flower crowns, metallics and sequins have taken over knits and fringe, and high-waisted swimsuit-like bottoms are giving legs all the attention. These are some of the eye-catching pieces that take over both weekends. “Everyone should be able to express themselves with their clothing without judgment,” says Marcus.

This year outfits have gone so far to just about wearing almost nothing or covering yourself in just body glitter and showing off your torso. Coachella is a place where you can wear almost nothing and get away with it because everyone else is wearing just about nothing as well. “If you feel offended then you’re boring” Marcus explained. This years artist line up was Black Pink, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Bad Bunny, and much more. Even these artists go all out for Coachella, as well as top celebrities such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Winnie Harlow, Shay Mitchell, and Cardi B. Coachella was first introduced to support small upcoming artists but now it has taken its turn on fashion. Many fans of Coachella even have multiple outfits throughout the day than just one. With the rise of social media finding the latest trends to wear is hard by searching “Festiville looks” on Pinterest or Instagram. Former NECC student Cassie Ellson has heard criticism about Coachella in regards with the prevalent environment of culture appropriation to kids wearing Native American headdresses just because it looks “Cool” “I think partaking in other cultures is important but there needs to be a base level of knowledge to what is and what isn’t appropriate,” explained Ellson.

This season cowboy boots became a big hit, from big celebrities to famous youtubers wearing them. The trend peaked when stores such as H&M and Forever 21 sold them with their festival collection. Country music is also popular in the culture as well such as the song “Old Town Road” with special guest featuring Billy Ray Cyrus which makes the cowboy trend more popular. The Coachella Valley weather is dusty and extremely dry; prime cowboy country. Cowboy boots are one of the easiest ways to get a little bit country and can be paired with the midi dresses and skirts that everyone is loving this season. Marcus said she would wear something bold such as a bright green dress with pink boots “Definately something fun and colorful,” says Marcus. Other trends that have been approached at this extravagant festival are biker shorts, mesh dresses, fanny packs and oversized jackets. These are known as street style fashion, outfits without all the glitz and glam but still, make an impression. Ellson has been to multiple music festivals before like Boston Calling and Vans Warped Tour so she likes to dress for the warmer weather by wearing shorts a band t-shirt and maybe a hat. “Anything too extravagant gets soaked in the sun or washed away by sweat,” says Ellson Ellson would actually want to attend Coachella but not for the fashion because of what event that is going on and whos playing. “Despite all the crazy shenanigans it would be the perfect place for me, I love large music festivals,” said Ellson.

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