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Students look forward to a new year

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and new beginnings are around the corner as this year is almost over. This year has been a whirlwind with a global pandemic causing changes including learning virtually, so this was a special year. Some people are excited about the hope that comes with a new year.

Mariam Saldivar is a student from Northern Essex Community College who lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Her major is Journalism/Communications. Saldivar states what she liked and disliked about this year.  “I liked that online classes gave me more time, but I disliked the fact that things were not in person.”

This semester was very different for most students because it was virtual, and it was a transition to get used to. Some students didn’t enjoy it because they didn’t have face-to-face time with the teachers, but they did have more extended time for their work.

Saldivar states how this year made an impact on her. “I feel more depressed and hopeless. Like I’m stuck in time.’’ People are having difficulties with their mental health this year because of the global pandemic, so feeling depressed is a common issue this year.

Saldivar states what she learned about herself this year, “I learned that I regret a lot of things, like all the time I have wasted on meaningless things. I learned that after all this is done, I’m done being a loner and I am going to get out there and experience more wonderful things.”

Recognizing that there is more to life and that it is good to make time to experience beautiful things is one outcome of this unusual year.

Saldivar states she is excited for the new year. “It’s not like COVID will magically disappear, but at least the chances of a vaccine are getting closer and closer especially in 2021, And that gives me hope.”

The good thing is there is hope in the new year for the medical community to help with COVID-19 because there will be vaccines to prevent its spread which is good and will hopefully make the cases lower.

Saldivar states she does have some resolutions. ”I want to write my book.”

Having a big resolution like that is great and keeps you excited for the new year and what is upcoming to be waiting for the new journey this new year offers.

Robert Smith is a student at Northern Essex Community College, and this is his second semester. Smith states what he liked and didn’t about the year in general. “The pandemic has been a pain, and the other thing I have noticed is just how people have been all about helping themselves out and not helping others. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Regis Philbin dying sucked, too. The thing I have liked about this year is the work our essential workers are doing and being closer to my family.”

This year has been good and bad for many reasons like how so people died this year. This year people have been closer to their family and making more moments with their family and quality time with them since there was a lockdown that offered chances to make more memories with family.

Smith states this year made an impact on him. “It has shown me how much we take the little things for granted such as eating at a restaurant, and it showed me the importance of the connections we make with other people.”

This year has shown us how little things matter like communication with others since nobody can do that in person with many people now that it is a pandemic, and because of social distancing, we must limit our communication with others, since we are trying to limit contact with people to keep the virus from spreading.

Smith states what he learned about himself this year. “I learned that mental health is just as important as physical health and that I can learn anything new if I set my mind to it.’’

Mental health is very important just like physical health because how we handle stress, relate to others, and make the right choices in life impacts our well-being. Knowing that you can learn something is important for you to strive.  Every year there is growth you can make as a person.

Smith states about the new year, “I am cautiously optimistic about it. It cannot be any worse than in 2020, and I hope that the virus will be better under control. I don’t think it will go away until another point in time. and I hope that we can start to heal as a country.”

Being optimistic about what is going on as a country now is good and keeping positive insight into the situation especially entering the new year is good as well, so we can keep a constructive view of the situation.

Smith says about new year’s resolutions, “I do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions as I never follow through with them.’’

Sticking to New Year’s resolution can be tough. The best way to stick to it is finding ways to stay motivated. Making a vision board can help or write a letter to your future self. Find the best way for you to keep on track to keep resolutions.

Mirrorajah Metcalfe is a Northern Community College who lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Her major is Journalism/communications.

Metcalfe states what she liked about the year and didn’t like about the year.

“I didn’t like that I didn’t get a college campus experience. I didn’t like t that I couldn’t interact with other students or my professor and go to the library,” she said.

She adds, “I did like that the online classes accommodated my schedule well and that professors put in the extra effort to communicate with students and help them accordingly.’’

It is hard being in your first year of college and not experiencing what a normal college year has to offer and not being able to enjoy being a college student on campus and meeting people in person. The school experience was very different. It is good for everyone to work as a team to make this stressful year in school less challenging for students.

Metcalfe states how the year made a huge impact on her and why. “I think this year made a huge impact, especially regarding my improvement in time management because of online classes.”

This year put our procrastination time to the test with having to work at home.

Having good management skills is very important this year to build a better structure in your life.   Time management increases productivity and efficiency.

You can gain a sense of fulfillment once your time management efforts start to pay off in the form of accomplishments and managing your time can have a direct impact on your stress.

Saldivar states what she learned about herself this year.  “I learned that I enjoy my own company despite isolation from COVID. This was my first semester of college, so I learned what responsibilities to expect and what is expected of me as a student.”

This year helped us know the greatness of being alone and getting to know some good qualities about yourself that you didn’t know before this year helped us as well.

Personal alone time allows us to grow as a person and know our strengths and weaknesses.

Metcalfe states what she is excited for this year. “I’m excited about the new year because hopefully, it will feel like a fresh start for everyone, myself included.”

The New Year symbolizes new beginnings, a fresh start, and a chance for you to begin new chapters in your life.

Metcalfe states what her New Year resolutions are for the upcoming year. “My new year I resolve to become a vegetarian and have straight As during the second semester.’’

Having goals this semester is very great and important and can help one to strive more and to push for improvements the next year.

Goals are a way to quantify what we wish for ourselves. The start of a new year is a great time to celebrate the accomplishments we made in the previous year and to look forward to achieving more in the coming year. It is a time to reflect and give thanks, celebrate small victories, make decisions to change, and embark on new beginnings for a fresh start in your life.