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Tutoring center helps students reach their goals

College students, specifically the ones at NECC and first time students, have had their struggles integrating into college life as of late.

With this pandemic and getting used to the new virtual learning, many students have had difficulties adjusting to a new learning experience that they still haven’t been accustomed to.

The changes in classes and subjects might be a benefit to some, but others still need all the help they can get to achieve a good grade and be more up to date with topics.

That is why Jennifer Levesque, a Coordinator of Tutoring, is here at NECC.

Tutoring has been growing as of late, and is an efficient style of helping students improving theirgrades in certain classes.

“The main goal is to help students with their classes and to help them understand certain concepts and skills, so they can grasp the material,” Levesque says.

Levesque helps out and tutors students who are in need of help with certain subjects, and with this long-lasting pandemic, her schedule has been filling up at a heavy rate this year.

“Tutoring gives students skills so they can succeed in their classes. We also encourage students to be more independent thinkers so that they can be successful college students.”

Adjusting to college learning compared to high school can be a challenge as Levesque claims, so the encouragement to think in certain ways is what Levesque as well as many tutors attempt to do when helping out their students.

Students tend to have difficulties with a lot of subjects, but the most difficult ones?

“It really depends on the student, but there are a lot of students who struggle with math and writing,” Levesque said.

Along with math and writing, NECC also provides tutoring in different subjects such as ESL, science, social students, and computer science.

“To make an appointment with a tutor go to Navigate by logging into the app (search forNavigate Student in the Google Play or Apple App Store) and clicking on “Appointments” or log into Navigate on a computer by signing into myNECC and clicking on “Navigate Student” and select “Virtual Appointment” as the location.”