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Stream or cable?

Stream or Cable?

The ultimate battle of the twenty first century: the good old cable television versus the new and shiny streaming services. Which is the better deal? Many families, especially during this pandemic, have been trying to save money and seeing what is the better bargain for their dollar. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have been demolishing the charts with their outstanding high numbers.

According to Forbes, new data from Deloitte shows that “69% of consumers pay for cable or satellite subscriptions, while only 65% of consumers pay for cable or satellite subscriptions.” That is a big jump from what the numbers were in 2009 with just 10% paid for Internet services.

Kate Woods, a high school student enrolled in Northern Essex classes says she “mainly uses platforms like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube..” This seems to be the popular three, with Netflix and Hulu taking over the award shows in the past recent years. Award winning shows like Shitt’s Creek and Breaking Bad have swept the award shows. Most people however do like to have their favorite tv show on a loop or just for ambience. “I do watch some television when I have some spare time or when I use it as background noise to focus on another task.”