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Students weigh in on best options for getting credible information and news

Technology has come a long way along with the news industry.

There are numerous amounts of ways to receive your news and where you can get your information from. Since the dawn of the internet, you can receive your news from social media outlets as well. There is the old newspaper way as well which is now in digital format through the publishers application if they have one.

The mix between news and technology however can get quite tricky with all the loopholes people can go through. There are also many loopholes that certain news outlets can go through as well.

One loophole that they can go through is using clickbait for readers. They use absurd titles to lure in their audience and that title could have little to do with the content in the story. So it is very difficult to find the right news source to gather truthful information.

Jocelyn Avila-Frias from North Andover states, “I started to get my information from (The) New York Times.”

Avila-Frias also said she used to get her information on Twitter which is not a very valuable and credible source. Technology and social media have a loophole by using your information and preferences to gather any news or topics to your liking. This can cause many problems since your news feed is fixated to your preferences along with every other persons.

“Social media can give very misleading news information…” she said.

Avila-Frias also states because everyone with a profile on that social media platform can say anything. A good quote to learn from this is that everything on the Internet is not true.

Andrew Venditti from Haverhill says, “Social media is not a news source. I do follow legitimate news sources like the New York Times…” which is a good idea to have a following on your preferred news outlets so you can keep up to date on the latest news.