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The problems of Critical Race Theory

In the lead up to the 2020 election more specially during the first presidential debate., Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace asked former President Trump about why he banned  Critical Race Theory in government programs.

His response was that it created hatred and division among one another with the caveat of it being “anti American.”

According to Encyclopedia Britannica the definition of Critical Race Theory is “the view that the law and legal institutions are inherently racist and that race itself, instead of being biologically grounded and natural, is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of color.”

Their argument that they are pushing is that for hundreds of years laws  only benefited for white people both poor and rich.

However overtime the US has made improvements against these racist laws like giving Black people their rights and expanding protections among other marginalized communities like the LGBTQ and Hispanic community.

Critical Race Theory gained prominence during the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

The theory unfortunately pushes thinly veiled White Supremacy under the guise of “Anti-Racism” training. The theory also pushes that Jewish and Asian people are “White” and “privileged” because they cheated due to them being more successful and havingmore advantages in their life. That belief is a form of left wing Anti Semitism and Anti Asian racism since it portrays the Jews as people who control the banks and they use the stereotype of portraying Asians as good at everything. Some these beliefs that they push or believe in are identical to what Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists and other members of the far right believe in which are racist conspiracy theories.

There are many critics who call out the racism of this theory but there are two prominent people who speak out against it like author Christopher Rufo and journalist James Lindsey who both documented the stories that come out of these Critical Race theory trainings. On Rufo’s own website he has documented the programs which goes in great detail on how CRT breeched the most secured places in America some of which helped designed nuclear weapons like Sandia national laboratories which is a government agency. According to whistleblowers they held a three day camp for males who are white to “deconstruct their male culture” which ended with them being forced to write apology letters to women and people of color. The Sandia investigation and its details were shocking to most people. This event alone could be considered a violated Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 according to the federal law which forbids people to be discriminated based on their race.

One of these pushers is author and professor Robin DiAngelo who published a racist book titled “White Fragility” in which she admits she is racist he book itself pushes racist ideas.

The idea of “White Fragility” in which she coined herself. the term itself is a kafaka trap in which someone doesn’t admit they are racist it proves they are racist and if they do it proves the person’s point. A couple examples of DiAngelo’s racism shows in her manifesto like on page 51 of White Fragility she stated the following “The forces of racism were shaping me before I took my first breath.”

On page 53 she described an event that she went to an outdoor dinner party where she felt uncomfortable around Black people who attended the party. The last example happened on page 69 of the manifesto she openly admits she was raised as a White Supremacist. DiAngelo was subjected to major controversies one of them being back in November 2020 she got paid more than a Black person at a speaking event and the pay out for her was over $70,000.

This theory is being countered by people speaking up who have witnessed such trainings like with Smith College in Northampton Massachusetts and its former staffer turned whistleblower Jodi Shaw.

Shaw went on Tucker Carlson’s late night show and later on former Vice journalist Tim Pool’s IRL podcast. In both interviews she gave she the exact same story on how she was discriminated based on the color of her skin and not on her character.

As the story progress she felt humiliated and demoralized about these trainings and when she left the school wanted to settle the whole thing in which she said no too. She filed complaint in which she was verbally attacked by people who she considered her colleagues and friends. The attacks never ended for her until she left the college and this incident was reported by former New York Times reporter Bari Weiss who broke the story on her Substack page and it went viral from there.

There are other examples of people speaking out against CRT like several parents in Virginia who spoke out against it which lead to a teachers group on Facebook to dox and threat them the head of the school board coming out and defending the actions of the teachers.

The incident broke over Virginia news station WSET. Some however have gone so far as to outlaw the theory from public schools like with Florida governor Ron DeSantis who issued a statement about saying that the theory has no place in the classroom following this other states followed this by banning it like Iowa and currently having hearings on it like in New Hampshire over HB 544 and similar legislation in Rhode Island that is being debated over. T

he House bills in both states were being reported on by local news reports from with in their states. In New Hampshire’s case it was broke over the internet from the people who attended the hearing like Karlyn Borensenko who is another critic of Critical Race Theory. There are other states through out the union who are enacting similar legislation to ban the theory in schools and local.

The rise of Critical Race Theory could be seen as some as clear and present danger to the national and domestic security of the United States like the previously mentioned Sandia case.

This is a battle of ideologies one that is racist who want to up end the civil rights and one not racist who want to preserve the dream and it has no end in sight. Critical Race Theory is dangerous and a toxic ideology that should be stop in its tracks and the people who either push this theory need to be called out.

The followers who believe in the theory need to be talked out of what they believe in. This theory will only more division and create more racists in the country which will lead to more hate crimes. I think  this theory is discriminatory since it is going to have the opposite effect on people in which they try not to be racist but instead it will create more racists.

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