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Panel highlights careers in journalism/communication

The Center for Liberal Arts hosts Career Panel events from timeto time to connect students with professionals in the liberal arts community.

The purpose of thisevent is to have the liberal arts students listen in on how these communication professionals were able to achieve their level of success starting off on the same path as the students tuning in.

The event also allows students to ask any questions they are curious about and to give the students insight on the endless job opportunities the Liberal Arts program has to offer.

The past few career panel events had special guests speaking about their careers from all different types of liberal arts professional backgrounds. The guests consisted of Kristen Bell,Eduardo Crespo, Lisa Valela, Tracy Majka, Ted Priestly, Zenova King, Mike Alongi, VeronicaVozzolo, Luftar Von Rama, and more.

All these guests spoke upon their experiences working in the film, marking, and journalism industries which helps give young liberal arts students insight on what possible careers they can look into once they finish completing their degrees.This event is open to all students but more so specifically to liberal arts majors.

Students canc atch these career panel events by keeping their outlook email post notifications on for theCenter for Liberal Arts email so they can get be notified of advertisements of the career panele events once they are planning to host the next one.

Michelle Colbert-Mason who is a Journalism/Communication Arts major in Northern Essex Community College said “I’ve received virtual flyers/invitations for many of the center events. I consider attending them but so far I have only attended one which was a career panel for Journalism/ Communication Arts students.”

Email is the best way for students to be aware of these events but you can also get you updates on the next career panel event through the Center for Liberal Arts social media pages and their website.

All these events at the moment can be accessed through zoom.

When speaking to the students who have attended the career panel events they had nothing bu tpositive things to say about the events.

“The most recent career panel event I attended was great! My favorite speaker was Zenova King since she used to work for Jay-Z and is currently YG’smanager who are two rappers I am familiar with,” said Rachel Anderson a Communication Arts/Journalism major in Northern Essex Community College.

“I just joined a zoom call this past week from the center of liberal arts. It was a Q&Awith some producers and local journalists which was really informative and inspiring,” said Faith Barrett, another Journalism/ Communication Arts major.

The career panel events has brought awareness to the broad selection of careers, liberalarts students can look forward to pursuing in the future. You can get updates on the next event ontheir events website ( and on their social media handles @neccliberalarts.