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PACE hosts virtual awards night

The most awaiting and cheering time has come for every PACE Program participant at NECC – the special night for the Annual Pace Awards and Alumni Success Panel. The event celebrates and recognizes outstanding individuals who were chosen for PACE Program awards this year, and was held on  Thursday April 21, 2021. It was a virtual event via Zoom meeting to acknowledge and award alumni success and staff member recognition.

The event host Jessica Rockers , exclaimed, “welcome, everyone to this special ceremony night in which PACE students and staff members will be awarded and honored for their hard work and effort they have put into educational studies at Northern Essex Community College.”

She went on saying, “we will be joined by four super star PACE Program alumni who will share their best advice for graduating, transferring, earning scholarships, and landing the job of your dream!”

The event was held from 5pm- 630pm and was pretty much an exciting moment to experience. Hearing all the nominations and the winners being announced at the end was incredible.

Among others student attendees, there were also PACE Staff members such as Sheila Corsaro – PACE Academic Advisor, Kristen Arnold- PACE Director, and Stephanie Haskell –Coordinator of Social Justice and Student Leadership, as part of the many panelists and nominees to receive awards.

Finally, the ceremony was a success, the winners received their award for the night, all of them being happy and proud of themselves, they all demonstrated a sense of appreciation when obtaining their awards. This eventually marked the end of a beautiful ceremony night that everyone enjoyed and will remember forever.