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The sports system at NECC

Sports have been for many years at the very top of the entertainment industry across the world, and sports have brought it in the highest revenues for so long.

It is no coincidence that in the United States, the biggest sports and the development among players are highly based on a collegiate system that gets the young generation a chance to develop their abilities, which is where we turn our heads to NECC. As a community college NECC takes a similar, but also different approach to athletics.

Many coaches and staff have spoken about their jobs and the things they attempt to do to help the college succeed in many aspects. Today, with the pandemic hitting and affecting many jobs worldwide, we have seen a shift in how many jobs operate.

So with that said, how does this affect NECC sports?

And once we get into the post-pandemic world, what is the school doing right in regards to sports?

And what are things we can do toimprove?


It is fair to say that NECC is far ahead in the things that the school is doing right in sports at the school rather than the wrong.

In two recent profiles, NECC coaches Tim Foley and David Arivella have both expressed how happy they are with the way sports operate at NECC andthat they think are blessed to be working for the community college.

These coaches have claimed many times how much their jobs revolve around helping student sachieve their goals not just inside, but outside of sports.

The fact that the school is aware that students need to prioritize academics and not just athletics is a big sign in the right direction.

NECC has also done a good job with COVID protocols. There would be and have been times where certain college sports teams have had to cancel games because COVID spreading has been out of control, and with the school maintaining stability in testings and social distancing, NECC has been able to run their sports system just fine.

Although NECC is no Duke or UCLA, the school has opened many students and coach staff with opportunities and people like Foley and Arivella have spoken out about this and are proud of th eway NECC has handled sports during this pandemic.


NECC in general has done a good job with sports management on aspects including students and scheduling, but like every other school, there is always room for improvement.

Sports at a college have been taken real seriously across the nation and college is the main source of development for many of the top sports athletes nationwide.

Arivella further discussed in his profile how throughout recruitment in the school, the coaching staff only tend to look around the local cities within 15-30 minutes from the campus, and no further.

With the limited cities revolved around scouting for athletes, the talent pool is thin which leaves  a lack of competitiveness among other college kids.

Although being a community college, with improvement in scouting NECC would become an ideal destination for kids across New England to take that step into 4-year college sports programs as well as academically.

Is NECC Heading in the Right Direction?

The post-COVID world is looming around with the new vaccines coming through at a decent rate, and so far it has been shown by coaches and students that NECC is in fact improving in dealing with setbacks.

Now it is just a matter of whether NECC takes sports seriously on that level that most other colleges do, or if the head coordinators do not see it anymore than simply just a recreationala ctivity.

Head staff of sports at NECC can look ahead at bringing old and new faces in and continue to help the sports college system improve as well as the many young people across New England looking to make a difference.