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Spring semester comes to an end

The spring semester is nearing it’s end, and finals are just on the horizon. Students give their opinions on how the semester went and their experience.

Sarah Sanford who is studying English at NECC says that the semester went by really quickly. She says, “I would rate it an eight out of ten.”

For her the semester was easier to cope with considering there was a year to adjust.

She adds that for the most part teachers did a good job as well when it came to giving enough time for the students to complete their assignments.

Her anxiety was also kept to a minimum and enjoyed all her classes. Her only worry was that classes would remain online for longer. She finishes off by saying, “Personally the professors were open minded… They gave me extensions and even encouraged me to reach out to them.”

However the semester wasn’t the same for everyone.

Nisaly Gonzalez, who is studying liberal arts at NECC.

She on the other hand rates the semester a six out of ten.

Nisaly says, “It was difficult for me to focus unfortunately.” She felt as if at times teachers weren’t all that fair with the amount of assignments given.