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Dean tells Board of Trustees about efforts to revitalize music and theater

The Northern Essex Board of Trustees met on Oct. 6 and heard a presentation given by Dean of Liberal Arts Amy
Callahan about how the college is trying to revitalize their music and arts program.

In recent years, the arts programs at NECC have been dwindling with the music program suffering
and the theater program degree closing four years ago.

However, as Callahan told the board, there has been a resurgence of both programs recently.

According to the presentation, enrollment in the music program at NECC has doubled in the last two years. Furthermore, despite there not being a full major for theater at NECC anymore, in February of 2020, NECC students won a number of
awards for their accomplishments in theater.

Plans are also underway to create a theater focus with a liberal arts degree in the future.

Later on in the meeting, a presentation was given about the SOAR program at NECC.

SOAR, which stands for Seize Opportunity Aspire to Rise, aims to lower failures in courses, raise GPAs and aid with assignment completion for minority students with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.9 and a minimum of 6 credits a semester.

Faculty and staff at NECC were also present at the board meeting to observe.

When asked about her objective with the board of trustees, Professor Sheila Muller said, “My goal for
the board every semester is to advocate for the college in their own circles and in the state.”

Later on in the meeting, the new budget for the 2022 year was unanimously approved by the board.

The president of NECC, Lane Glenn, gave a final report at the end of the meeting.

He said he is aiming for a 75% course completion rate at the end of the semester.