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Students share opinions on vaccine mandate

Massachusetts Community Colleges have issued a statement saying students, faculty and staff will be required to be fully vaccinated by January 2022.

Students who don’t have the required documents for proof of their vaccination will still have the option to register for Spring Semester 2020 online.

The aim of this requirement is to “ensure] the safest learning and working environment possible for the more than 135,000 students we educate and train each year as well as our staff and faculty,” said the college presidents in a statement.

NECC students still have their own opinions in regards to the requirements.

“We live in a society where freedom is the goal and we don’t have as much freedom as they say we have. I think somethingl ike the vaccine should be our own choice like the flu shot,” said current criminal justice student Licinia Russo.

When crossing paths with other students such as Dahryl Ramirez and Lauren Fitzgerald on campus they have said that it’s a necessary action that could possibly change the campus in a positive way.

Granted that students have mixed opinions about the mandate, the question lingers in the air: will there be a rise in students’ appearance in class?

Russo, who is not vaccinated, said “People don’t want their world to stop… I have to do what I have to do to get my education. When the time comes will I do it, yes.”

Fitzgerald opened up about having her life stop when she had covid in November.

She said that she understands after her experience with covid and can see how the goal of the requirement is “to unite the campus again.”