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How NECC students deal with stress during midterms

No matter what major or class students are taking, here at NECC, it’s that time of the semester again where students are prepping and studying for midterms.

While most students would agree that a time like this can be stressful, overbearing, and exhausting, many students have come up with their own unique ways that they de-stress. While there are countless ways to de-stress on campus, like joining a club, getting involved in community events, or attending a student event, there are numerous ways that students take time to de-stress outside of the classroom.

“This past semester I’ve decided to run my own DnD campaign. It’s something that brings me a lot of joy, so to destress I’ll plan and develop the story, make my own characters, and draw up some maps for my game. I’ll also go park my car somewhere in a nice spot and plan for my game there,” says NECC freshman Angelles Amezquita.

Another NECC student, Anytza Delgado, spoke about what she does during her time away from the classroom. “To de-stress from midterms, I set time aside to do activities that don’t require much thinking. For example, painting, taking a dance class, catching up on any tv shows or movies, or spending time with family and friends …  I have found that doing these things allows my mind to take a break, and in turn betters my mental health.”

“When I feel stressed about midterms I like to go for a walk and just take a couple deep breaths to try and calm myself down. I really feel like stepping away from my schoolwork and my devices for awhile really help me to remain calm and remind myself that I’m working towards my goals in life,” says dual-enrollment student Jessalyn Alessandri.

If students need extra help dealing with stress and anxiety not only during midterms week, but at any time during the school year, the NECC website offers multiple ways students may reach out for help. Under the ‘Student Services’ section, students may choose from three different options, whether that be counseling services, academic support services, or career services.