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Spotlight on Professor Isabelle Gagne

Isabelle Gagne is a pyschology professor here at Northern Essex community college and she is a valuable part of the NECC community.

Like most faculty, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges in recent years.  However, Gagne has been teaching online classes for some time now.

Gagne says, “I’ve been teaching online for many years. I think it’s just a different modality of teaching and learning. I think what’s important is that students think about their preferred learning style as well as their strengths and weaknesses. They should pick a class modality where they will be engaged in the material and motivated to learn.”

Gagne also believes that online classes have had certain consequences for her and for her students.

When asked what has been difficult about online classes, Gagne said, “The most difficult thing for me is not meeting my students. I love engaging with my students and I often learn from them how to be a better teacher and a better human overall. Students bring me joy and help me remember why I do what I do.”

Gagne also said that there have been disadvantages to students in online classes, She said, “Yes, I think it’s more difficult (but not impossible) to create genuine connections and deep learning. I think when students say: “I didn’t learn anything” they mean they don’t know how the content is useful and how they can apply it to their lives. It’s important to explain to students how what they are learning can be applied to their own individual lives.“


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