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The student news website of Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill and Lawrence, Mass.

Double Duty as an Observer

Hello guys I am your Sports Editor Jose Rodriguez. I am 21 years old, currently living in Lawrence. I am majoring in communication and journalism with a concentration in journalism.

I will be taking double duties in the newspaper until I graduate Northern Essex. I am not just your sports editor I am also your Editor-in-Chief.

I will be replacing Isae, who graduated in December of 2021. I love sports. I am passionate about it, I eat, sleep and breath talking about sports. My favorite sports is Baseball.

When I am not covering games for NECC and when I am not playing baseball for Mercedes Baseball Academy, I listen to sports talk show and I watch baseball videos on Youtube and live on T.V. or listen to baseball on the radio, hoping that one day my dream will become reality becoming a play by play baseball announce and a sports talk show host.

My Sports journalist idol is Michael Kay. He first started off covering sports in the NY Post, then he became the Yankees play by play baseball announcer, and he also has a radio show from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. during the weekdays on ESPN NY 98.7 FM.  He also does Centerstage for an hour which he interviews athletes and entertainment people. He is inspirational to me in what I am doing right now and hopefully one day all of that hard work that I am doing and all of my sacrifice will pay  off.

Being a part of the staff of the Observer as a sports editor is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I am grateful that I am in a community college that gives student opportunity to write in the newspaper, that I can show to a newspaper company as clips, to work for them and cover a specific team.

Know I am also the Editor-in-Chief. I am happy for this opportunity, it’s a blessing and I will help other students to improve and to get better each print edition that goes on. As Editor-in-Chief I hope to help each member know their role and what they need to do for the newspaper and to be on track and stay focused not just as a member of the Observer but in their academics as well.