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Hold me back as time flies

It is no secret that time starts to fly by at an incomprehensible rate as we get older.

As unexplainable as this is, the trials and tribulations of life slowly weigh on the human race creating a paradox of what we used to know as one day now feels like a week.

It is most noticeable once we leave high school and look back at how many years ago that was in disbelief. Some people decide to ignore this and continue to go about their daily life whereas others may use it as motivation in order to accomplish more within a smaller period of time.

As an individual finding their way in life, it could last an eternity or you might be born knowing exactly what you want to do in life.

A student who took early college at Northern Essex Community College, then graduated from the University of New Hampshire in less than three years and is now going for a Masters degree in Nursing at MCPHS named Megan Carroll was born knowing that she wanted to go into the healthcare profession.

She states, “I eventually figured out that I wanted to be a nurse, but I did not know that when I was younger. As I noticed time was starting to fly by, I kinda just picked something and stuck with it.”

A lot of people tend to just pick something and see where it leads them, which can be very beneficial to your bank account.

A junior at St. Bonaventure considers his past and declares, “Based on my experiences in school, time flies by too fast and yet memories can be made. However, you need to seize the opportunities that you know and don’t know that are there and hope for the best and do your best.” This person’s name is Jack Dalton and he clearly takes none of college for granted. He wants to get his degree and he loves the idea of experiencing life whenever he can.

Dalton takes a great approach towards the clocks moving faster from his own perspective.

A graduate of UMass Amherst, David Rouleau sits at his desk in his apartment as he says, “High school feels like it was yesterday, and yet, I haven’t been there in almost seven years now. At the same time it also feels like another lifetime ago. I don’t know how someone is supposed to go about juggling the concept of time moving faster while dealing with their everyday problems, but I just keep my head up and keep keeping on.”.

All three of these interviewees bring up the fair point of having the mentality that there is nothing you can do, so why have it be a bad thing? Why not look at the overarching concept of time and tie it in with progression?

The future holds a lot of bright things for almost everybody. If you keep looking to the past or the future for answers or problems then you will miss the moment that you are in as time keeps gaining speed.