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The mastermind behind Student Activities

If you find yourself looking through Northern Essex’s event calendar, one name starts to stick out from the rest: Student Life Coordinator Stephanie Haskell.

 Haskell has been with NECC for nearly four years now, and her role in student life has been essential in almost all major events on campus. Though her history of event planning doesn’t start there, for that, you’d have to look at her time at Nichols College.

 “We had a thing called a programming board, and I was like the president. So we got like a whole chunk of money to plan events for students […] I did way more outside of the classroom versus stuff for my major in business management,” said Haskell.

 In addition to being the student government president, Haskell was the logistics coordinator for her college’s orientation program. She pursued her masters in higher education at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, where she worked as a student life assistant.

 After her time in Florida, Haskell got a job at Louisburg College in North Carolina, where she worked for nearly five years, ending her time as director of student engagement before joining NECC.

 “It was just like my student involvement led to this career […] I absolutely love it and it’s basically something different every day,” said Haskell.

 During her years at NECC, Haskell has been involved in an array of programs like the National Society of Leadership and Success, serves as an advisor for the Student Government Association, has helped train numerous students for internships, implemented NECC’s event calendar, as well as planning numerous events like the U-Knighted Fair and Spring Jam to name a few.

 Although Haskell’s biggest impact on campus may be the students, many of whom jumped at the opportunity to share their positive experiences,

 “Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She deserves so much praise and probably a raise too. When she plans events, she puts in a lot of thought and thinks about things that I normally wouldn’t consider,” said Franziska Hoene, SGA president.

 “Stephanie is one of the most supportive members of staff in the NECC community. Her work in student life supports the development of professional and soft skills needed for the real world that isn’t readily available in theoretical classrooms,” said Jessica Newey, a NECC student ambassador.

 “Her commitment to the students, to Student Life, and to the success of everyone she meets is refreshing and inspirational. She has committed herself to showing others what she has learned through her leadership experience,” said Laura Martyn, SGA parliamentarian.

 One recent change in Haskell’s day-to-day is the new Assistant Coordinator of Student Life, Suzanne Reyes, who had this to say about Haskell.

 “Stephanie exemplifies what it means to be a great leader. I have seen how she really works to encourage students to have independence and to be engaged. I am really looking forward to continuing to work closely with Stephanie and to bring my own ideas and changes to the NECC clubs,” said Reyes.

 As the semester comes to a close, Haskell is already making plans for student activities this summer and beyond.

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