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Knights volleyball defeat Wyverns in three sets

On Tuesday Sep. 27, the NECC Knights defeated Quinsigamond Community College Wyverns three sets to none. In the Sports and Fitness Center in Haverhill Campus.

The game was scheduled for 6 p.m. but the league changed it to 6:30 p.m. start time and the game officially started at 6:33.

The Knights won the first set 25-4, they won the second set 25-10 and the third set 25-12.

The Knights started the game aggressive, they had a few runs in the first set 7-1, 14-2 and a 18-3 run. The Knights completely embarrassed Wyverns in the first set as they won the set 25 to 4.

Knights captain Kathleen Perez-Flores of Lowell was serving and scored the first nine points to begin the second set.

Knights volleyball in a match against WyversPhoto by Editor-in-Chief/ Sports Editor Jose Rodriguez

Knights volleyball in a match against Wyverns

“I’m well, yeah I was a little tired, I’m not going to lie I’m old. So I get a little tired but we played a very good game and we got the run that we needed to get and when we serve we will get runs,” she said.

The Wyverns had no chance to beat the Knights on Tuesday evening as the Knights were on a 21-7 run in the second set and it was enough to beat the Wyverns 25-10 and have a command two sets to none lead as the Knights were one set away to blank Wyverns.

The Knights were looking to defeat the Wyverns on back to back games as on Saturday the Knights went on the road to Quinsigamond and defeated the Wyverns three sets to none.

The Knights never lost their focus and were always in strong command as the Knights started the third set where they left off the first two sets. The Knights were on a 6-1 run and a 14-5 run as they defeated Wyverns in three straight sets.

After the game NECC Women’s Volleyball head coach Mike Pelosi of Haverhill said “I think it was a combination of things. I think we were communicating better, positioning was better in this game and definitely serving. I think the crowd realized that we were doing some serving committing the specific spots. I think we’re doing some of the fundamentals well. I think that our moral was high, that’s why we saw, I think the fact that we were up in score our main players feel better by themselves and that confident boast (helped them) to play a lot better,” he said.