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Luis Reynoso named NJCAA National Player of the Week

On Nov. 16, Luis Reynoso a forward freshman from Lawrence was named NJCAA National player of the week.

Reynoso played five of the six games for the Knights to open the season heading into Nov. 16 when he got named for this award.

According to Reynoso had 60 points, 47 rebounds and 10 steals during the week.

Reynoso wasn’t impressed on the number that he put during the week because he knows that he could’ve done better than that.

I asked him how he found out he got player of the week.

Luis Reynoso named NJCAA National Player of the WeekCourtesy

Luis Reynoso named NJCAA National Player of the Week

“I saw the news on twitter,” Reynoso said.

“It was exciting of course but we still got work to do,” he said.

He said he would like to thank God, his mom, also his teammates for pushing him during practice everyday working hard, and also his coaches.

I asked him how did he get to be so good?

“Just everyday working out at practice and working hard and just going harder everyday,” Reynoso said.

I asked him what he has to do to set the bar to win this achievement again or even winning player of the month or player of the year ?

“Just got to keep going working hard every day at practice with the team,” he said.

Reynoso told me that he told his mom about the news and that his mom was excited.