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NECC campus Trick-or-Treat a success

This year, Northern Essex Community College’s campus wide Trick-or-Treat was a smashing success; with routes among the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses, students and their families had the opportunity to visit over 30 locations to collect candy and treats.

Several offices even provided festive baked goods to trick-or-treaters. Along with the route for candy, the SOAR program hosted a virtual costume contest on their Instagram, @soar_necc, where the photos of numerous creative costumes can be viewed as well as the three winners of the contest.

While this event provided fun and spirit to participants as well as the opportunity to dress up in costume, the Campus Wide Trick-or-Treat imparted more than just a bag of sweets.

Many staff and students agree that this Halloween event sparks connection and brings together the NECC community.

“I think it’s important for the community piece, but also engaging faculty, staff and students in this process,” commented Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs/ Dean of Students Jonathan Miller, “I think that it also offers opportunities for students and faculty staff to also engage their kids, as bringing them to the college could present NECC as an option.”

This is an element occasionally overlooked in events such as these, as exposure to possible future academic pathways.

Faculty of the SOAR program, coordinators of the Trick-or-Treat, shared similar views on the event’s importance.

“In the SOAR program, one of the things that we’re always trying to do is recognize that a strong, cohesive college community helps students academically. If you feel like you’re involved and playing your part and that you belong to something, it makes you more involved in academics as well,” says Jacques Morrow, “If you’re not, it means you’re disconnected, it means that you don’t feel like you can reach out to somebody for help. It really helps people in the long run, being a part of that campus community, which is why these events are so much fun and so important.”

It becomes clear that encouraging students to engage with the community around them has numerous benefits, both mentally and academically. Students at the event also recognized this importance.

An attending participant commented, “A friend of mine told me about this months ago … I think events like these are very important because when I was in high school we didn’t really have many events like these to meet people. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know who half these people are, but that’s not stopping me from going out and having a good time!”

An student attendee, Christian, included, “You really get to know people and build up your skills with other students.” Though, when asked what drew them to the event, the most prominent answer was “candy.”

With the outstanding success of this event, it can be said that most students likely cannot wait for the next Halloween at NECC.