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Knights take the first game of NECC TD Bank Turkey Classic

On Saturday, Nov. 26, the NECC Knights defeated SUNY Adirondack 86 to 71 in the Sport and Fitness Center in Haverhill Campus. It was the first of two days of NECC TD Bank Turkey Classic.

NECC Knights Basketball Head Coach, Coach Stratton before the game did not know how the boys were going to perform against Adirondack. “This is going to be interesting because the last time I basically saw the whole basketball team was against Mass Bay after that game. The flu has hit us pretty bad so we got eight guys battling against the flu. We have Jeremiah Melendez out for an injury, Ryan Pacy probably won’t be available today. On restricted minutes probably going to be Philip (Cunnigham), R2 (Mehmet), Metin (Yavuz), Cristian Kinsley all probably going to be in restricted minutes coming back from the flu so today is going to be real interesting…” Stratton said.

The Knights won the tip off against SUNY Adirondack the game started at 2:03 p.m. eastern time.

Luis Reynoso of Lawrence banged in a three pointer to begin the game. Reynoso had a huge game against Adirondack as he scored 30 points and 20 rebounds.

The Knights began the first half to start the game on a 11-2 run.

“We played better than I expected as you saw we started in a total different lineup today with the guys being sick and fighting the flu. We started out extremely well it kinda built on, on that,” Stratton said.

The Knights were up 11 to 6 when Edwin SamMbaka of Paris, France scored a two pointer.

Adirondack scored a two pointer to make it 13 to 8 in favor of the Knights.

Darlin Santiago of Salem was looking to pass the ball to Philip Cunningham of Haverhill as Santiago threw the ball out of bounds.

The Knights were up by two when Cristian Kinsley of Lawrence extended the Knights’ lead to five when he knocked a three pointer from the three point line.

Knights vs SUNY Adirondack on Nov. 26 at the Sport and Fitness Center in Haverhill CampusPhoto by Editor-in-Chief / Sports Editor Jose Rodriguez

NECC Knights vs SUNY Adirondack on Nov. 26 at the Sport and Fitness Center in Haverhill Campus

A’Mari James of Las Vegas, Nevada, knocked in a three pointer which cut the Knights lead to two.

Kinsley scored on a three pointer and a foul for a chance for a four point play the Knights was up 20 to 14.

Andirondack cut the lead to four when the game was 22 to 18 when Tre Fite of Massillon, Ohio committed a turnover when he was looking to pass the ball to his teammate Kevin Monteiro of Somerville.

Reynoso extended the Knights lead to six as he was attacking the glass to get the bucket in.

SamMbaka made it 26 to 18.

Andirondack followed on a 5-0 run against the Knights.

Fast forward later on at the end of the first period the game was 38 to 31 and both teams were scoreless for the final two minutes and 24 seconds second of the period after Kinsley knocked down his third three pointer of the game in the first period.

Adirondack had seven fouls while the Knights had five at the end of the first period with the Knights with a seven point lead when they were heading to their locker room.

The Knights began the second period with a 7-0 run after Adirondack called a full time out.

After the time out Adirondack scored the next four points then Reynoso scored a two pointer and a foul for a chance for a three point play.

The Knights were up 48 to 35.

Fast forward in the period with the game 52 to 43, Angel Herrera of Lawrence knocked in a three.

Mehmet “R2” Asik committed a turnover to Adirondack. Tyerell Monroe had the ball run full speed to the basket as Cunningham fouled him and Monroe went to the free throw line for two shots, where he made both in.

Fast forward later on during the second period the Knights went on a 11-0 run against Adirondack as the Knights increased their lead by 18 and the Knights were up 70 to 52.

“Yes I think it was the guys basically were shooting well. I was really impressed with the guys that were fighting off the flu that were playing …Cristian Kinsley was at the doctor four hour before this basketball got it through you had Philip (Cunningham) we had Metin and R2 coming through after fighting with the flu so they were guys that were fighting through ailments. I was appreciative tomorrow it’s going to be though to see who we got coming back because you have 24 hour window coming right back and playing again.” Stratton said.

Adirondack came back with a 10-2 run against the Knights with just under four minutes remaining the Knights had a 10 point lead.

The Knights hold on to that 10 point lead as the Knights made a run late in the game to defeat Adirondack by 15. 86 to 71 was your final as the Knights improved to 8 and 1 in the season.