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A talk with some NECC alumni

Throughout the years, Northern Essex has been a place for many people, young and old, to further their education. Since it was established in 1961, Northern Essex has helped many people to succeed in and move forward in their desired field of study.

Many people such as Aaron Lehner and Nate Miller are examples of this.

Lehner majored in Communications and Theater and was Campus Life editor of the NECC Observer during his time at Northern Essex. When asked what he has taken away from his time at Northern Essex Lehner said “I can certainly say that by putting myself out onto the campus and getting involved, I’ve found my self confidence in the things I’m passionate about. I met some amazing friends that shared my interests and used them to give back to the campus.”

During his time on campus as a student, Lehner was also a new student advocate who helped to guide new students throughout their first semesters. After graduating from Northern Essex in 2020, Lehner transferred to Fitchburg State University where he continued his studies.

When asked whether they would recommend Northern Essex to other people and why, Lehner said “I certainly would recommend NECC to anyone interested in pursuing a college education.

“I believe that it’s a great way to build a foundation for your career path and network with like minded people. I experienced so many things that I never thought I would and discovered a lot about myself.”

Miller is another Northern Essex Alumni who majored in Theater during his time at Northern Essex. When asked what he took away from his years at Northern Essex, Miller said “I really learned how to learn at NECC.

“I did a lot of extracurriculars and it really helped me learn more and concentrate better.

“In high school I wasn’t an A student and at first at NECC I wasn’t either but by the end of my path I was an A student with honors.”

When asked if he had a job on campus while a student Miller said, “I worked for Student Life, I was a work study and I was also an orientation leader as well, and a student advocate.”

When asked if he would recommend Northern Essex to other people and if so why, Miller said “I definitely would because especially now people are getting forced to make such a big decision at such a young age and I think Northern Essex is a great place to learn your strengths and figure out what you want to do before you go on to a four year school.”