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Becoming consistent

The Northern Essex Community College men’s basketball team has won again. On Feb 9th the team played against bunker hill dominating them with a score of 99 to 75. The two teams played at Haverhill Northern Essex campus. The win extend The Knights win streak to 21 The knights have lost only one game this season. The Knights were able to calculate what bunker hill’s next play was leading them into another win. 

Players try to get the ball in the basket during a basketball game. Daniel Henrick | NECC Observer

NECC Knights in action against Bunker Hill Community College on Feb. 9.

In the first five minutes of the game bunker hill’s Angle price Espada stormed the court. After that The Knights double teamed him causing him to be unable to get the shots he normally would be able to get. Freshman guard Ryan pacy of Salem, New Hampshire stated “the biggest challenge we faced playing bunker hill was guarding the point guard” noting that he was “very talented and could score at any time he wanted”. Even with the impressive player like Angle Price Espada The Knights were able to get a 25 point lead going into the second half of the game. Ending the first half to 50 to 25 knights.   

Both Ryan Pacy and Edwin SamMbaka both agreed if it was not for their family’s they would not have the same motivation to play as hard as they did. Freshman guard of Paris, France Edwin SamMbaka player number 33 “it’s the goals I have for my family”. And Pacy “Family is everything I do everything for them”. The knights stands were filled with fans and family cheering on the team. Everyone was hyping up the team whenever they had the ball.   

The knights have consistency down pat. During the game the team was able to create a lead by being consistent with where their players stood and who they passed too. “It was easier after the first half” said SamMbaka. Bunker hill tried to make a comeback in the second half scoring 50 points but it was just too late. The knight had just created a consistency faster than the other team could. Knights were able to score 50 points in the first half and 49 in the second half giving no room for Bunker hill to catch up to them.   

A fan in the stands Erika Ryan a recent Northern Essex graduate “It’s always so interesting to see how far the team has gone”. The fans in the stands were hyping the knight’s up every single shot the team made. Fans are hoping that the knights are able to keep their winning streak. “It would be cool to see them win the whole thing”. Erika Ryan “Only losing one game in the season is unheard of”.  At the end of the game bunker hill fell into the chairs of northern Essex causing a bit of back and forth augment. The head coach Darren Stratton made sure his team did not start anything between them. Making the team get to the locker room as fast as he could.   

The team is about to hit the playoffs and with the winning streak they have going it’s looking like it’s there’s going to be some interesting games coming up. The team only has three more games of the regular season till they hop into finals. With the consistency and the trust they have within the team it is likely the team will go far into the playoffs.