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Re-Uknighted: Student Life fair highlights clubs, organizations

Two women standing by a table in a hall, one of them holding a cutout paper heart. Photo by Sarah Peirson

Aimee Stevens and Adriana Neefus hosted a table at the Re-Unkighted Involvement to represent American Sign Language opportunities with Gallaudet University.

On February 8th 2023, NECC hosted a Re-UKnighted Involvement Fair to help students get involved with different clubs and organizations.

The event was organized by Student Life and was designed to help students find new ways to excel through their own personal needs and interests.

Tables decorated with the theme of each club/organization were lined up against the wall in the Spurk (C) Building on the Haverhill campus to catch the eyes of students walking by.

Aimee Stevens, program coordinator for the American sign language program at Gallaudet University and Adrianna Neefus, an administrative assistant at Gallaudet University, hosted a table to represent American Sign Language opportunities at Gallaudet University.

“We hope to bring awareness to this club for students who are learning ASL. There is a program that happens once a month on the Lawrence Campus to help students practice and immerse themselves in the ASL community called ‘Shared Reading Saturday’ that would be beneficial for anyone wanting to learn ASL,” shared Neefus.

“We live in a diverse world, acknowledging those beyond yourself creates a more equitable environment for those who are struggling.” added Stevens.

Both Neefus and Stevens wanted to acknowledge how this organization can help those in all fields communicate with other people.

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