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SMART meals available for free on campus

TwoMicrowavable SMART meals sitting on a table.Photo courtesy of Natalie Wooldridge

Free microwavable meals are available free for students.

The NECC food programs are partnering with Food For Free, a wonderful organization dedicated to reducing food waste and supporting local meal programs, to bring students free microwavable meals.

The meals they provide to us are frozen, pre-made meals from their “Heat-n-Eats” program, which aims to improve people’s access to balanced, nutritious meals on the go. All you have to do is pop the container in the microwave and enjoy – perfect for busy students.

On the Haverhill campus, you will find these meals in a freezer directly next to the food pantry, which is located on the second floor of the Student Center building. In Lawrence, they are stationed in the student computer lab, room 146, which is attached to the lobby of the Dimitry building. These freezers are left unlocked so that students can access these meals whenever they need to.

All we ask is that students fill out a sign-out form each time they take a meal and abide by the limit of one to two meals per day as much as possible. The sign-out forms are attached to the freezers for your convenience. We hope that everyone interested has a chance to try a SMART meal this semester.

For more information on NECC’s free food programs, please visit