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Chief Hobbs reflects on community policing

Chief Hobbs from the Northern Essex Community College Public Safety Department values community engagement.

“Building relations within the community to address their needs and help them improve the quality of life is a core value of policing” Chief Hobbs said as he sat across from me, calmly with a comforting smile and demeanor.

The focus has to be and should be on ensuring the community is safe. The future of policing is important especially as society changes.

However, it has also become more difficult locally and nationally to recruit new police officers. The goal has to be to find ways to attract police officers that not only enjoy working in the law enforcement environment, but are committed to building and working within the community. Municipalities, colleges and universities have a huge task of working to protect people’s identification as well as cyber Security. There are many steps and involvement in securing information technology. Protective measures are needed to be put in place and continued to be upgraded

“This also includes working with the partners in our community about awareness and knowing the current trends,” says Hobbs.

“The goal of policing is to continue to work together to address the issues of the community and keep it safe.”


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