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Enjoy more down time with more management time

We use time management skills in our everyday life. “Work smarter not harder”, said Krista Digloria at the Weekly Knight Workshop (WKW) hosted by Orientation Team Members, Tiffany Esmerio, Digloria, and Student Ambassador, Jordana Cepeda.

The time to get organized workshop was held on April 4 on zoom at Northern Essex Community College.

“Managing your time efficiently takes trial and error to figure out what works best for you,” Digloria says.

Krista likes getting her work done in the morning, but Tiffany Esmerio works better in the evening.

Do not procrastinate!

Get your work done so you will have more time to relax. Plan your week out and write down all the things you want to get accomplished that week. Include personal, work, homework, and mandatory tasks.

“The thing that helped me was to keep on top of things by staying organized, a lot of college students sometimes stay up late doing schoolwork due to being busy all day,” Digloria said.

Some tips to overcome procrastination, do the hardest work first and get that done right away. Set goals for the day and the week.Set deadlines and put them on your calendar and work with a classmate. Hold each other accountable.

Make sure you get your rest.

The more sleep you get the more productive you will be. Avoid studying late at night. Try to avoid multi-tasking unless you feel confident about the tasks. Study for small periods of 30-40 minutes. Divide large tasks into smaller ones. Work hard and take 5–10-minute breaks and set a timer.

You do not want to get work overload which could lead to someone quitting the assignment or job. Decide which is the most important thing you want to complete today.

Use the Academic Coaching at NECC to improve your time management skills.

Time management will improve your grades and allow more time for doing other things you enjoy.

“I was very disorganized when I started a semester last year, I was assigned to an academic coach and they helped me with different organization skills,” said Cepeda.

It does not matter if you want to do your homework in the morning, afternoon, or night, just figure out what works best for you.

Calendars remind you when to do your homework, work schedule and personal tasks.

Calendars can be informative and keep you organized. You can set reminders.

After completing a task, make sure to check off what you completed. Checking off things you do will help keep you organized.

One way of organizing the subjects or activities in your calendar is by color coding. By doing that, it will help you stay organized.

Hang up the important information on the refrigerator or other places that you see a lot to remind you what you need to do. Set alerts on iPhone, Outlook, Google etc. Have realistic expectations on your limitations and time. It would be extremely hard to do five assignments and study for tests then go to work for a five-hour shift.

“It will take time to get organized, but over time you will manage your time better to get things done faster and efficiently,” said Esmerio.

You do not want to have assignments hanging over your head.

Enjoy your weekends by getting assignments done earlier in the week. Figure out what techniques work for you.