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Nakia Richardson meets virtually with NECC students

Nakia Richardson recently did a virtual zoom meet on Thursday April 14, with the principles of public relations class, along with other students and staff who also attended in the Center for Liberal Arts.

The virtual visit was similar to Genesis Garcia’s virtual Zoom visit which occurred a couple weeks ago, also taking place at the Center of Liberal Arts.

Nakia Richardson is an on air-host, entertainment journalist, TV producer, content creator, and more.

She’s previously worked with BET and MTV, and has hosted during red carpet events on TV.

Richardson’s visit at NECC is due to her relationship with her former professor and current professor at NECC Kimberley Lyng.

Richardson graduated from Pine Manor College in 2007, where she had a class with professor Lyng.

Richardson originally just wanted to be a television host and an actor during her time in college. When she was out of college that was her plan, but it wasn’t that simple. She got connected to a job by one of her friends, but the company asked her to be a production assistant.

“They asked me to be a production assistant, and I didn’t even know what that was,” Richardson said. “I didn’t want to be behind the scenes at first and just wanted to be in front of the camera.”

She still agreed to the job and worked behind the scenes, which gained her experience and helped for her career.

She was also able to network with companies like Viacom, BET, and MTV while working behind the scenes. Even though at first behind the scenes didn’t interest her, she agreed due to the experience and help it could provide for her, and ultimately it paid off.

Richardson now encourages people to take any job that you may get offered in your field with the amount of benefits it can provide.

“It’s good to be behind the scenes and know all of the things for more opportunities. You may love it. Feel it out, and if you don’t like it then you can just leave, but you never know until you try.”

Richardson also encourages people who want to do multiple jobs to pursue them. “It’s OK to want to do 50 different jobs when you’re young. It’s a great problem to have,” Richardson said. “I wish someone told me that when I was young. And people in your industry will ask you and want you to do multiple jobs, even if you’re only applying for one.”

After giving the students her back story and how she gained the success she has, she then fielded questions from multiple students and talked with them. Some interested in the television and hosting aspects, while others were interested in the behind the scenes and journalistic aspects.

Richardson likes to do her own thing and stand out from the crowd. She is one of the first women to wear braids on the red carpet on TV, something that before she did was not really seen. While it shocked some, it encouraged many to be comfortable in their own skin like Richardson is, and more and more women rocked braids on the red carpet due to Richardson’s influence.

Again another influential and successful person made an impactful visit to NECC, and provided valuable words for those in the communications and PR field.

The visits allow for students to learn more and possibly network and work with these successful people