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Gaming is its own therapy

Gaming has become a way people can unwind after a long day’s work. According to the students of NECC campus, and even people who are district managers in our everyday community, gaming is not only a way to escape reality, it also provides a sense of control and release that they cannot have in their normal everyday lives.

Shain Thompson, a district manager claims  that “gaming helps me relax after a hard day of work because I can just relax and enjoy another world where my worries and stress don’t exist. I’m the character in that game and I am living an entirely different life which is not only fun but also refreshing.”

As someone who is seemingly always stressed, gaming has helped him in many ways that he feels is therapeutic. “Gaming has helped me find a way out during tough times in my life as well, I have always been able to turn on the game and just get into the groove no matter what was going on in my life. Gaming has given me a way of release that I have found nothing else can really compare to. After turning off the game for the night I can really just completely feel at peace and just feel less tense.”

Following this interview Quinn Alvarez states “ When I game, All my emotions and thoughts become placed into the game. I can create a world in which everything I want can happen and anything I need will be. It helps me release anxiety and the stress I have built up, for example when I play Minecraft and am angry or hurt I simply go into survival and kill all the mobs. However when I just need to shut off my mind I go into creative and just build until I’m content. By the time I have completed whatever I’m building I can see how much I have accomplished. It’s very calming and nice.”

Lastly, Jake Rodrigez  a graphic design major claims “Gaming lets me create my own world where I am unstoppable and can accomplish anything I want. It also allows me to connect with others and have a good laugh with my friends whenever we all get on, usually the customers at my job tend to upset me and when I get on the game it gives me an outlet to release all the pent up anger I felt throughout the day.”

According to Rose Igartua, a 67 year old grandmother talks about how gaming not only occupies her, but also gives her a sense of relief “when I play mobile games on my phone I can do things I no longer am able to do. I can make a restaurant, build castles and even chat with other people like me which I can’t really do anymore. When the grandkids are not home and all the stuff I normally do is done, I can always play a game to pass the time. Which helps me feel less alone and keeps my mind busy until I want to do something else!”

Gaming has helped many people find a way out of their stressful and busy days, not only can it help you unwind and relax but it also again, brings people together and can be considered, to some, a form of therapy!