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Haverhill High students rave about NECC’s Early College program

Northern Essex Community College offers an early college program to high school students who are looking to get a jump start to college while still in high school. High school students take classes at NECC during their regular school week that will not only satisfy their high school graduation requirements, but can transfer as college credits for a degree as well. This program offers a handful of benefits, such as granting MassTransfer credits with flexible courses, and giving students a significant tuition reduction.

Other than granting college credit for a low price, the early college program offers a lot of opportunities that are beneficial to students looking to further their education after high school. The program teaches students to develop effective study habits, as well as essential skills to being successful in college. It also gives students the opportunity to explore a wide range of career options, all while preparing early on for college.

Riley Militello, a sophomore at University of New Hampshire, says that he enjoyed the program while attending Timberlane Regional High School, and he found that it had positively impacted his academic career. “They helped me a ton with college in the sense that I knew how to write papers well and study for classes,” Riley states, “The classes I took were all general studies, so they were able to transfer to UNH easily.”

Students also get to enjoy the advantages of being an NECC student. They have full access to all NECC support services while taking this program, such as academic advising, tutoring, career services and more.

This program offered by NECC is a great, and expense friendly way for students to get their college credits. The prices are very reasonable for students to take multiple classes, and Haverhill High students get the advantage of being able to take these classes completely free of charge. Not only are the classes themselves free, but materials, and even transportation are all paid for as well. “There’s probably hundreds of juniors and seniors at Haverhill High that take part in the program, so it’s great that we get all of our books and other needs paid for,” says Daniel Connors, a senior at Haverhill High School who is currently enrolled in the early college classes, “It really is an amazing offer for high school students.”

Connors also talks about how the classes differ from his classes taken at the high school. “The classes are a lot more work than high school, so I take them a lot more seriously,” he says.

Shayla Igloe, a junior at Haverhill High, speaks highly of the program as well. Igloe adds on to Connors comment saying, “It is definitely teaching me independence when it comes to staying on top of assignments.” Both students agree that the program can be difficult at times, but they are always offered help. ”

The professors are extremely helpful when it comes to reaching out if you need help on assignments, whether it’s through email or in person,” says Igloe, “They are definitely on top of keeping us on track.”

The early college program at Northern Essex has a positive reputation amongst high school students in the surrounding areas, and lends a helping hand in improving their education. Igloe closes off the interview expressing her gratitude, “I’m glad I’m saving so much money by doing this and it just feels good to have an early start on my future.”