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MAGA hypocrisy on full display

In recent months, James Comer, a Kentucky Republican representative and Chairman of the Oversite Committee, has been vocal in his accusations of corruption against President Joe Biden. Comer repeatedly highlighted a $200,000 personal loan that Biden gave to his brother, James Biden, as evidence of shady business practices within the Biden family.  

However, a deeper investigation reveals a stunning display of hypocrisy on Comer’s part.  Reports have uncovered that Comer himself had made a similar $200,000 loan to his own brother, raising questions about his own questionable financial dealings.  

James Comer has consistently accused President Joe Biden of corruption, alleging that Biden profited from illicit international business dealings. Comer specifically homed in on two personal loan repayments made by James Biden to his brother, totaling $240,000. These transactions occurred in 2017 and 2018, when Joe Biden was neither in office nor a candidate for presidency. Despite the lack of evidence linking these loans to any nefarious activities, Comer has relentlessly attempted to paint them as proof of the president’s unethical conduct. 

While James Comer has been quick to condemn Joe Biden for the loans to his brother, it has come to light that Comer himself engaged in similar financial transactions with his own brother. A closer examination of Kentucky property records reveals a series of land swaps between Comer and his brother related to their family farming business. These exchanges involved a loan of $200,000, highlighting the glaring hypocrisy of Comer’s accusations against Biden. 

According to the Daily Beast, Comer and his brother were involved in land swaps and questionable business practices. In one instance, Chad Comer bought out James Comer’s half of an inherited Kentucky property for $100,000. However, just five months later, James and his wife, Tamara “TJ” Comer, purchased the property back from Chad for $218,000. This buyout resulted in Chad Comer receiving an unexplained additional $18,000 above the property’s total value. 

In another transaction, James Comer gifted his brother his share of two inherited pieces of land, with a value of $175,000. Astonishingly, the cost of this transaction was only $1. Subsequently, Chad Comer applied for a significant tax break on the gifted land and then gifted James Comer a more valuable piece of land in return. These convoluted exchanges raise serious questions about the ethical nature of Comer’s financial dealings. 

James Comer’s hypocrisy becomes even more apparent when considering his political positions and conflicts of interest. Prior to his election to Congress in 2016, Comer served as a member of Kentucky’s state legislature Agriculture Committee for eight years. He then went on to become the Kentucky agriculture commissioner. Once in Congress, Comer was a member of the House Agriculture Committee and even negotiated the Farm Bill, which increased federal support for American farmers. 

During this time, Comer was actively engaged in the agricultural industry, while also managing his family farming business. The overlap between his political roles and his private business raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and whether he used his positions to benefit his own financial endeavors. It is evident that Comer’s actions contradict the principles he claims to uphold. 

Scrutiny of James Comer’s business activities reveals a series of puzzling discrepancies. The Daily Beast discovered that Comer allegedly runs multiple businesses that do not appear to exist on paper. For instance, the company he co-owned with his father and brother, Comer Land & Cattle, has no business filings under that name in Kentucky. Similarly, his personal agriculture company, James Comer Jr. Farms, cannot be found in official records. 

Notably, when Comer purchased land from his brother, the transaction involved a shell company named Farm Team Properties, LLC, owned by Comer and his wife. The existence of these mysterious entities and the lack of official documentation raise concerns about the transparency and legitimacy of Comer’s business practices. 

Given the revelations surrounding James Comer’s own financial dealings, his accusations against Joe Biden appear hollow and hypocritical. While Comer has relentlessly attacked Biden for the $200,000 loan to his brother, he conveniently ignores his own involvement in similar transactions. It is clear that Comer’s actions do not align with the standards he seeks to impose on others.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats were quick to highlight Comer’s hypocrisy and call for his own investigation. Congressman Jared Moskowitz humorously recreated Comer’s video of signing subpoenas, highlighting the absurdity of the situation. Congressman Eric Swalwell went a step further, urging Comer to subpoena himself and referring to the loan as “highly suspicious.” The exposure of Comer’s double standards has brought into question his credibility and integrity as a lawmaker. 

It is essential to note that the Republican-led investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings has been ongoing for over 10 months. Despite their efforts, they have failed at every turn to produce any concrete evidence directly implicating Joe Biden in any wrongdoing. News organizations, including CNN, 

The Wall Street Journal,, and the conservative-leaning Washington Examiner, have debunked the allegations made by Republicans.  In response to the subpoenas issued by James Comer and other House Republicans, the White House accused them of abusing their power to conduct a partisan smear campaign. 

They emphasized that extreme House Republicans should focus on their responsibilities instead of pursuing baseless attacks on the president and his family. This response highlights the frustration felt by the Biden administration over the relentless and unfounded scrutiny they have faced.  The exposure of James Comer’s hypocrisy regarding the $200,000 loan to his brother has cast doubt on the legitimacy of his accusations against Joe Biden. Comer’s involvement in similar financial transactions and questionable business practices undermines his credibility as a lawmaker. The stark double standards exhibited by Comer reveal a disconcerting lack of integrity. It is imperative that politicians be held accountable for their actions, and Comer’s actions warrant further scrutiny.