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The student news website of Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill and Lawrence, Mass.

Learning with Zoom

Since the start of pandemic, we have all been trying to gather ourselves and figure out what our new “normal” is. As far as educational purposes go, schools and universities had...
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Students weigh in on best options for getting credible information and news

Technology has come a long way along with the news industry. There are numerous amounts of ways to receive your news and where you can get your information from. Since the dawn...
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Stream or cable?

Stream or Cable? The ultimate battle of the twenty first century: the good old cable television versus the new and shiny streaming services. Which is the better deal? Many...
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The positives and negatives of social media

I remember when I first got Facebook when I was 13 years old. It was my first social media account and I was so excited. I remember my father telling me, “pretend like I can read...
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Reconsidering screen time

During these challenging times, we seem to have a greater relationship with our devices to fill the void of our boredom, especially in the beginning of the pandemic when the...
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Credit concerns

Students weigh in on personal finance choices When we were kids, we used to think that credit cards had unlimited money and questioned adults why we were denied of more tokens at...
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