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NECC Students Talk Fashion

By Gabriela Hernandez

With March approaching, NECC students decide to share their fashion knowledge on the most anticipated trends for spring and summer 2015.

While we are still experiencing a harsh winter, Yaniery Martinez, 20, has her mind on showcasing her spring and summer fashion. “I’m so ready for this winter to end! I can’t wait to be able to walk through campus in my Michael Kors flats,” said Martinez.

“When I was little,” she said, “I would go through my mom’s closet and put on her clothes and jewelry and just try on different looks. I just feel like what a person wears says a lot about them and that’s why I always try to look my best.”

Martinez spends a lot of time browsing “Websites like Pinterest, Tumblr and a bunch of fashion and beauty bloggers.” She says it’s “where I get my inspiration from.

“I’m always looking for ways to improve my look without changing my own personal style.”
So what is Martinez’s biggest fashion advice for looking your best this spring and summer? “Pastels and neutrals! They were a hit this winter and they’re staying throughout the spring and summer. A girl can never go wrong with pairing different neutrals together.”

Business Management major Joel Santiago, 21, says he looks forward to taking out his spring and summer clothes. “I always store my clothes when the seasons change and I’ve never been more hyped to take out my spring and summer clothes. It’s been a long time coming,” Santiago said.

Santiago was born in the Dominican Republic and says he gets his fashion inspiration from his culture. “When I went to school in DR, the boys always had to wear their uniform and look real professional even at a young age. I think that’s where I get my style from.”

He said, “In the generation we live in today, young men aren’t really into dressing professionally, they rather dress like their favorite rapper or something but I want to inspire them to finish school and dress for success.”
Nursing major Stephanie Martinez, 18, said, “I’ve always loved wearing black; I think you could never go wrong with black. Occasionally, I’ll get real dressed up and rock red dress or something but black has always been my thing. I think this new season is great reason to bring more color to my wardrobe.”

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