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Transfer Student Chooses NECC

While NECC is often used for some students as a stepping-stone before a student heads into a four-year university or college, other students find themselves choosing NECC after the initial hype of attending a four-year school dies down.

Molly Fitzgerald, a current NECC communications major, did not have NECC on her radar at the beginning of her college journey.

Fitzgerald, a previous student at Franklin Pierce and Lasell College, struggled to find the perfect mix of academics and student life on both campuses. As a soccer player, Fitzgerald was drawn to both schools because of their sports programs saying, “I chose it (the colleges) mainly for the soccer program and didn’t even focus on the academics, while is the most important part of going away to college.”

Finding the right personal rhythm on a campus allows a student to engage both academically and socially in a way that will help move their college experiences forward.

When asked if NECC was a school she had ever considered, Fitzgerald stated, “NECC was never in my radar when I was first applying for colleges. But I wish it was. I honestly wish I started out at NECC.”

As verified by College Board, “More than 40 percent of U.S undergraduate students attend community colleges – with students who are 18 and 24 years old making up the largest group.”

While Molly did not start out at a two-year community college, she developed the same feelings and thoughts as the 40 percent of U.S students did, “You get the same education at a community college that you get at a four year school,” said Fitzgerald.

To explain the relationship between community colleges and four year schools, College Board argues that “community colleges save money, prepare for transfer to a four year college, help get students ready for a career and take advantage of all the things a four year school offers without the commitment.”

“I feel as though I’m more prepared this time because I’m going away to school to further my education. Without NECC, I wouldn’t feel as confident in a classroom like I am now.”

Students like Molly Fitzgerald have found comfort in the idea that community college allows for educational and personal growth before commitment to a four year school. While Fitzgerald started other universities and colleges, NECC allowed for the continued development of important career and personal goals for this communications major.