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NECC Spring Jam

Spring Jam was held on the quadrangle on the Haverhill campus on Wednesday, April 15.

Club tables were set up to hand out different information to the students to make them aware of what goes on on campus and what they can get involved in. They had information regarding health, volunteering and fun stuff activities as well.

The student Senate held a hula hooping contest, where students could win little gifts for participating and chatting with student senators who were there working the event.

Kim Daigle, a paramedic student said, “It’s fun talking to new students and potentially new senators. I love being involved and I would love to get the students as passionate as I am — Spring Jam was the perfect place to do that.”

Along with the hula hooping contest, the Sport and Fitness department held a couple different activities. They held a limbo contest as well as a ladder ball competition. Donna Passemato, an exercise science major said, “its good to get out and get some fresh air. Plus you can have fun playing games and maybe get a little bit of a workout. “

Student Engagement passed out free cotton candy — The students seemed to enjoy this because the people making the cotton candy were absolutely covered in it from head to toe. Ari Chiklis and Kadee Tapley both who work in the student engagement center had the cotton candy in their hair.

Most of the clubs on campus were there so students could learn about what they do and how to join them. One of the clubs that put on a special talent show was the Community Outreach Club — they had an array of performers, some a little more controversial than others, but overall it seemed everyone watching the show enjoyed it

Kristen Curry, a general studies student said, “I really enjoyed the show, they had some gutsy people to get up there and sing — I could never do that.”

Curry was watching the show while waiting for her foam finger that was getting her name put on it in bright graffiti. A few students were upset that they waited in line and were not able to get a foam finger because of the high school students visiting for the “College for a Day” event.

Daigle said, “I saw a few people upset over that — they said it was not fair that they did not get them. They were pulled aside and a happy medium was accomplished.”

The Spring Jam event for the Lawrence Campus will take place on April 29 on the patio of the Dimitry Building.