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No ifs, ands or butts: the issue of smoking on the NECC campus

By Andrea Davis, Correspondent

Students at NECC are prohibited to use any tobacco products while on campus. This includes the parking lots, buildings, walkways, bathrooms and any general area within the campus premises.

The school’s smoking policy reads:

‘“Northern Essex Community College recognizes the medical evidence that indicates that smoking is a serious health hazard, and that this hazard includes those exposed to secondhand smoke.

Where a primary responsibility of the College is to provide a safe and healthful working and learning environment, this responsibility has led to the following policy: Smoking is prohibited within the confines of all college grounds, buildings and property including college vehicles. (Smoking will only be allowed in private vehicles lawfully parked on campus lots that the smoker is authorized to be in.)”

Many students are unaware of the smoking policy on campus, despite the several “NO SMOKING” signs plastered around campus in all areas students are exposed to.

“I had no idea we were not allowed to smoke in the parking lot. “I was sitting on my car in between my classes smoking and I got asked to leave the parking lot by campus security. I was very confused and was not aware of this rule at all,” Alexandria DeLotto, a Psychology major.   

Many students feel strongly that this rule should stay intact at the Haverhill NECC campus. Others have voiced their opinion that the rule should have some boundaries and be reduced to certain areas for those who are smokers.

“I’m a smoker myself and I still think that this rule should be intact. Smoking on campus is really disrespectful to those students who don’t smoke themselves,” said Amanda Atchley, a Psychology major. “When I see cigarette butts scattered around the parking lot, it makes me sick. At least clean up your mess if you are going to break the rules. No one wants to step on that stuff, it’s gross.” 

“I think that there should be a ‘designated smoking area’ on campus. Somewhere that students who are smokers can go in between classes to smoke and not disrupt those who do not,” says Zachary McKallagat, an English major.

“Some people are addicted to smoking, and it makes it difficult to go through a school day without a cigarette.”

Asia Perrano, a nursing major, said, “I see people smoking in their cars, which I believe is not against the rules. But the smoke is still filtered into the air and the cigarette or cigar will (probably) end up on the ground of the parking lot regardless.

“Smoking should be banned completely. No exceptions.”

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