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Relieve stress with fun and games

With the end of the semester nearing and stress levels rising among students, the Sports and Fitness Center has some events to help you relieve stress.

In the coming week there will be three tournaments going on to help relieve some of the stress. The first event will take place on Friday, Dec. 4, from 12-1 p.m. This tournament is a foosball tournament. Foosball is a soccer game where you turn the knobs on a table to control your soccer players and try and score. On Monday, Dec. 7, there will be an 8-Ball pool tournament which will also take place from 12-1 p.m.

Students enjoy the tournaments for more than stress relief, They enjoy the camaraderie that the tournaments create. They enjoy being around other students and meeting new people.

Joe Bray, a movement science student said,  “It’s a lot of fun and I make new friends and it’s also great competition.”

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, is the one tournament that attracts the most students. The tournament is going to be mattball. Mattball is a lot like kickball, except instead of bases you run to giant mats. The mat can hold more than one runner on it as opposed to kick ball where only one runner can be on base at a time.

Maureen Saliba, the assistant athletic director said, “Matt Ball attracts the most students. It’s a lot of fun.”

When organizing events, Saliba likes to make sure she keeps the excitement level in mind for the students. She wants to attract as many students as she can with many different activities. They even have events such as flag football, ultimate frisbee and soccer that happen out on the quad. Weather permitting, of course.

Saliba said, “We like to do things for the students 2-3 times a week, I like to pick things that people like to do.”

With finals around the corner and students feeling the pressure, students will find a way to relax without having to leave campus. They can either watch and cheer on their favorite students or participate in the actual events.

Saliba also said, “It’s a great way to relieve stress during finals, what is better than running around letting off a little steam.”

They also go on trips to shows as well as other fun things that students enjoy.

Ray Florent, an Early Education major said, “The events are a lot of fun, they also do field trips to shows in Boston as well as other things.  I went on a trip to see Blue Man Group in the spring.”

To sign up for the tournaments, students can go to the Sports and Fitness Center and sign up on the signup sheets to the left of the Knights Table or just join in if you see students playing in the quad.

Stay tuned for other events going on in the Sports and Fitness Center like the Seasonal Celebration.

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