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Volleyball returns to NECC

After a three-year hiatus, women’s volleyball is back at NECC.

New Head Coach Monica Reum was just hired recently. She is a Merrimack College student doing her fellowship at NECC.

Athletic Director Sue MacAvoy had a lot to say about the volleyball program returning to NECC, why the program ended in 2013 and Reum herself.

“We posted (the head coach job) at the end of November, after the end of the high school season, because I figured we wouldn’t really have people come to interview or express their interest during the middle of the season. So we waited until after that, we posted it, we let it stay open all over break and then I started doing interviews about two weeks ago,” MacAvoy said.

MacAvoy also explained what happened at the end of the 2013 season.

“Part of that stop was that I wound up resigning (from the head coach position). With adding softball and cross country, there were more sports I had to oversee in the fall and throughout the year, so I wouldn’t have been able to give it all my time. We started looking for a coach a little too late, and there was no recruiting done at that time so we had no coach or players to step in,” MacAvoy said. “I was going to step in if we had enough students that expressed interest, but there wasn’t any recruiting done.”

As for Reum, MacAvoy said she found the new head coach very quickly and unexpectedly.

“I was actually in a meeting with someone on campus and they mentioned to me about a person, Monica, who is doing the (Merrimack Fellowship program) here,” MacAvoy said. “She mentioned volleyball like she was interested. Later that afternoon she wound up applying.”

MacAvoy said she’s very happy that all this has worked out and that the program is finally back in action.

“We’ve given it time, we’ve got a coach in, hopefully we’ll have plenty of time in between now and the fall to do some recruiting and get out there and hopefully have a good season,” MacAvoy said. “Monica will be a great fit, she has a little bit of experience on campus and knows people. She’s young, she’s a graduate student, she has a ton of energy, she loves volleyball.”

If you are interested in joining the women’s volleyball team or know someone who is, contact Monica Reum at (978) 556-3000 or You can also contact Sue MacAvoy at (978) 556-3820 or