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The future for Boston sports

2018 not measuring up to past performances

Boston sports this year has been disappointing. The Red Sox winning the World Series this season was a huge plus, but they should always be in contention for the title every season.

The Patriots lost last year in the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles who had their back-up quarterback playing in the biggest game in the NFL.

They lost to a head coach in his first year who no one knew about before landing the job.

The Celtics have Gordon Hayward back this year after suffering a gruesome injury in the first game of the new year.

Their lineup is stacked with him, Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Al Horford. They seem to be having troubles in the Eastern Conference which is no longer led by Lebron “King” James.

Finally, the Bruins have seen the worst in their team, they’re winning games, but they don’t have their  top three performers. Zdeno Chara, Tuukka Rask, and Patrice Bergeron.

… All things must come to an end. The seasons that our beloved teams are in are long and sometimes difficult to watch.

This 2018 season for Boston sports has been different than some.

Growing up as a New Englander I have been told by my family how I am lucky to live in an atmosphere where New England sports teams are playing well each year.

I myself have been told by my father who was born and raised in New England. Boston has been known as the “City of Champions” since the late 2000’s where the Patriots won championships, the Red Sox broke the curse of Babe Ruth, the Celtics raised banner number 17 in the TD Garden, and the Bruins finally won a Stanley cup since the 1970’s.

It was a great feeling to be able to watch each team raise those trophies to become champions of their leagues.

It was all fun, but now its 2018 and everything seems different, something has changed.

For example, The Patriots keep winning. It will end soon though Brady isn’t getting younger and fans believe that once Brady retires Belichick will be gone.

Everything happens for a reason, we loved watching the Patriots win the Lombardi trophy and decimate the teams in their paths, but like every team that plays the game knows all things must come to an end. The seasons that our beloved teams are in are long and sometimes difficult to watch.

Always look towards the future.

Though at this rate the future for Boston sports looks unpleasing.