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If its free it’s for me

Students get free admission into the Museum of Fine Arts

black statue of a pharaoh in a museum  Photo by Deirdre Grant

A statue at the MFA

The Museum of Fine Arts has hosted a series of after hour parties, called “Late Nite” to showcase artwork before opening to the public. These parties are open to everyone especially college students.  This event went from March 15 to 16 from  8:00 pm – 2:00 am showcasing their first “Gender Bender” fashion show. You could also partake in pop-up performances while enjoying live music and festive cocktail and more to celebrate art. Advanced tickets were sold out so it became the first come first serve at the door. Once entered into the event there were many events you could participate in. Each hour there were different shows you could participate or view, even a taste testing section. For 21+ cocktails and specialty drinks were served, there is even a lounge to either relax or to bust a move on the dance floor. This popular event was introduced in October 2017 and has become a seasonal event since it has been so popular that almost every series has been sold out.

grey wood table with two plats of food and utensils set out on ether side. Photo by Deidre Grant

lunch at the New American Cafe

The next Late Nite Show will be hosted in May 2019. These series help students, artists, and locals to really appreciate art and what the MFA has to offer Boston through it’s wide variety of activities. “It’s helping people appreciate what could be lost,” said Anthony Cruz, a criminal justice student. Although NECC students don’t have free access to the after hour party they can enjoy free art during opening hours with a valid student ID. Bentley Library on the Haverhill campus gives out free passes to the MFA to students that want to enjoy art. Susan Leonard is one of the many librarians that can help you to get free passes.

Leonard has been with the Haverhill campus since 2016 but first started out in Lawrence in 2012. She explains that the MFA wanted to reach out to community colleges and get them more involved and one way was getting free admission to the MFA. NECC partners with the Pozen Community College Access Program which gives students the opportunity to visit the MFA for free. NECC is one of the 15 community colleges in the state of Massachusettes that partners with them.

NECC also wants to help students get creative and become more involved, getting free admission to the MFA is one way students are able to enjoy their time bu also have the opportunity for growth and learning. “We inform students about the free admission in all of the information literacy classes, as well as posting flyers around the campus” explained Leonard. “Exploring Boston can be expensive getting free admission to the MFA is a great way to spend your time,” said Rajiv Sarin an NECC alumni. The MFA features a wide range of exhibit halls to go through from America, Europe, Asia, and contemporary art.

Each gallery presents a visual and engaging platform for art. Not only does the museum just present art but it gives you a selection of dining halls as well for when you are hungry between fine dining and family-friendly dining. Sarin is excited to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit especially now that he knows about the free admission to the exhibit. Many students have explained they would go to the MFA frequently knowing about the free admission. “I would go every weekend,” says student Victoria Gladstone. Gladstone enjoys the ancient Greek exhibit due to its history and all of the stories behind it.

Cruz also enjoys the ancient Greek exhibit as well; he views the exhibit on its various cultural aspect. Not only can students get free admission into the MFA they are also eligible for a discount purchase made at the MFA shop and more. Schools supplying discounts or being able to give free admission to anywhere is one way for students to be able to out and do something they wouldn’t normally do. Many students don’t have the money to spend on entry fees so having that type of stress is a great way to get students more involved and encourages them to be active and learn new information. Attending educational but interesting exhibits is a way for students to learn outside of the classroom while having fun at the same time, it also expands our cultural backgrounds. Although NECC hasn’t had the opportunity to give out admission to other attractions they are hoping to work on that. “If you check in with your public library they are able to give free admission or discounted tickets to other attractions,” said Leonard.

long brightly lit white hallway with paintings on ether side.Photo by Deidre Grant

Hallway of paintings at the MFA.

For example, the Amesbury public library has offered more than free tickets to the MFA, they also have discounted tickets on the New England Aquarium and Museum of Science. Although NECC provides free admission to the MFA, one problem Leonard notices for students is finding transportation. The best way to get into Boston is through the train but discounted tickets for parking at the MFA is a possible option and sometimes dufferent classes or clubs at NECC plan field trips to the museum. NECC professors took a group of students to the MFA on March 8 with free bus transportation provided and the PACE program also brought a group there on March 19. Visiting the MFA is one of many museums students should have the opportunity to see especially if they don’t go to many museums or often. Cruz says “ No time period or culture is the same or has the same style, which is what it makes it truly unique.”