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What is NECC currently watching?

This pandemic has been different for everyone. Some of us have been more busy than ever, and some of us have more free time than usual. In regards to that, the people of NECC have some TV show recommendations for readers of The Observer!

NECC student Ian Shea, who runs his own website, Your Favorite Nerd (, has been watching the second season of The Mandalorian, which is the first live-action Star Wars series. “I’m a longtime Star Wars fan and I think the show is just fantastic. It has great action sequences, a compelling story and a phenomenal cast!” says Shea. The Mandalorian is on Disney+.

Shea has also been watching The Boys, which is an Amazon Original on Prime Video. The Boys is known to have a lot to say about various issues regarding society and morality, “A lot of its stories are a type of social commentary. It deals with how much society allows big corporations to influence people’s lives, whether or not we’re seeing people’s true colors, and what it really means to be a good and moral person.” says Shea.

One series that Shea has on his list that he hasn’t gotten around to yet, is Lucifer.

Another NECC student named Robert Smith, has been focusing on some lighter entertainment, “When I like to binge television shows, they must have a combination of some of the following: a great plot, the ability to make me laugh, a great cast, and they must be engaging (otherwise it is not worth spending numerous hours on the couch watching this).” says Smith. He has been watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives, Recess, 800 Words, and Impractical Jokers. TV series on Smith’s list that he hasn’t gotten around to yet include The Office, South Park, That’s So Raven, Raven’s Home, and Fuller House.

NECC Dean of Liberal Arts Amy Callahan has been watching The Crown, which is a TV series on Netflix based on Queen Elizabeth II. Particularly, Callahan has been enjoying Gillen Anderson’s role in the series, “Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher is a treat.” she says. On Callahan list is, The Queen’s Gambit, another Netflix Original, which follows a young chess player, “My family plays chess frequently, so I’m curious about that element of the show.” she says.

Personally, I’ve been enjoying The Mandalorian, and I also watched the first episode of the first season of The Boys – I’m hoping to continue with that show sometime soon.