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Students look forward to vaccine to help get back to normal

We are all hoping the vaccine will help students get back to school next year.

NorthernEssex students were given the opportunity to share their ideas on the vaccine.

Last March 2020, students were told on a Friday they wouldn’t be returning to the classroom for at the time was two weeks – a year later what has changed?

Mohamed Ali a Radiology technician major freshman student at Northern Essex gav ehis opinion on if the vaccine will help students get back to school.

During his time at NECC he had told me that 2020 has taught him alot about how he learns and he definitely feels the struggle of day-to-day school on the computer. “It’s been tough for a lot of students to connect with their teachers this year and I have high hopes for the vaccine to come fast so I can regain the connection with students and teachers,” he said.

During our time meeting on zoom he gave many mixed emotion son online school and doesn’t quite know if the vaccine will help him feel safer at school next year.

An article from NBC Boston New Massachusetts vby Mac Fortier shares that were going to have the third phase plan in April through June and that’s where college students meet.

Given this information will colleg estudents all get the vaccine?

It takes two doses to become protected fully against the vaccine so wil leveryone taking both doses?

Will everyone will have time for the vaccine given the off-chance people may only get one which still puts them in a position to get covid?

Leah Dennett a sophomore majoring in medical assistant and nursing, met up with meover zoom to share her options on the vaccine, giving helpful advice to think about.

She states “form a professional background, people like to think it’s going to fix it all. But covid isn’t going away.”

Covid has made her think about taking a gap year but she feels like she will be left behind or want to go back to school later on.

Changing the opinions on students about online school won’t happen anytime soon. Many students feel even more overwhelmed with having to teach themselves.

This year has included many firsts for teachers and students with online school, but she doesn’t think the vaccine will let us go back next year due to the fact some teachers and students won’t get the vaccine.


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