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A NECC graduate 16 years later

It’s that time of the year, mid semester, so some NECC students are looking at four-year colleges, meanwhile other NECC students are getting ready to graduate and moving on to work.

Stacy Romasco, 38, of Salem, N.H.,  a Respiratory Therapist and a Northern Essex alumnus, recently shared some of her experiences during and after graduating from NECC.

Romasco is employed at Northeast Rehab in Salem, New Hampshire. I work in the dish room as a dishwasher of Northeast, so I was already familiar with Romasco. Romasco attended NECC courses between spring of 2002 through fall of 2004 with a mix of summer courses.

Romasco described the courses necessary to complete her associates’ degree in science and respiratory technology: “I got the basics out of the way: math, science and English. Then I moved on to science labs to gain an understanding of the entire human body.”

After graduating from NECC in the spring of 2004 with an associate degree, Romasco went right into the workforce. “I began my career in September 2004 at Holy Family Hospital, then I moved to Merrimack per diem in 2005. I was hired in 2010 at Northeast Rehab where I have spent the rest of my career,” she said.

In 2011 and 2012 Romasco returned to NECC to take non credited photography courses. “

We started with basic camera settings, then moved to lighting, camera angles then more advanced camera settings. Our professor set up weekly class exhibits to critique each other’s pictures,” she said.

Using what she learned from her NECC course and prior knowledge, she applied that towards taking wedding pictures creating a “part time small business.”

Also, Romasco gave advice for NECC students.  “Take advantage of the resources available for academics and don’t be afraid to talk to your professors if you’re struggling, they are there to help you succeed.”

Romasco also recommended a few four-year colleges like UMass Lowell and Salem State.