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Virtual events help students stay connected

Northern Essex Community College has held numerous virtual events ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak last March. Planned events like this allow the NECC community to feel togetherness, even when classes are remote. Virtual events have been orchestrated for a little over a year now by the Coordinator of Student Activities, Stephanie Haskell. It is extremely important for her, and the entire community of NECC, to allow students to have events that keep them in the loop with each other.

Along with many other themed virtual events, the college will be hosting a Trivia Night on May 3. Although the theme for this night is currently a secret, it is sure to be a fun event that everyone will enjoy. All members of the community are encouraged to participate in this event. Trivia Night is a competition with other community colleges in the area. All members of the NECC community can be a part of this fun event and many other events via Zoom. Any and all students and faculty members are welcome to join with a super simple signup through link.

Trivia Night is a collaborative event where members of NECC go against numerous other community colleges from places like Mass., R.I., and N.H.. The Board of Student Activities has received many good reviews about the virtual events, like Trivia Night,  that have gone on the past year. ‘Our students love Trivia Night and have told me so. It’s fun because in-between rounds we put all the students from all of the community colleges into smaller breakout rooms and they get to meet and talk with other community college students… I think students like winning prizes too as well as bragging rights. One of the months we won overall out of the 17 community colleges that are invited to participate’ says Stephanie Haskell.

Despite more and more COVID-19 vaccinations being distributed, there are still many people who want to stay inside to ensure the safety of themselves and the people around them. There is no better way to stay inside and entertained, but still feel connected to the members of your community. Stephanie says, ‘I know personally how hard it is to be stuck in the house so providing a fun outlet is worth the time and energy for our students to have some fun and meet other students’. Events like Trivia Night are perfect for current and past students, faculty, and family members!

As the weather is getting nicer, the Board of Student Activities did plan less events for the springtime. This allowed many other clubs to plan virtual events for the community to attend. But there are plans for more exciting virtual events this upcoming summer. ‘I plan to host virtual events this summer… I hope that once more vaccines are administered we will be able to host more on campus for students but I have not gotten approval to do so yet from the college’ says Stephanie. The semester is nearing an end, but there are still plenty of events to look forward to from NECC.

COVID-19 vaccinations are constantly becoming available for more people throughout the states. The CDC is still advising people who have or have not not gotten vaccinated to ‘avoid crowds and stay six feet away from others’. For members of the community who are trying to stay socially distant and inside, events like this one are the perfect plan. NECC not only offers virtual Trivia Night, but also virtual escape rooms, virtual movie nights, and more! This event can be found easily on the Northern Essex Community College website, along with all the other events!

It can be difficult to feel connected with the community with everything going on in the world, but connecting with other students and participating in fun events like Trivia Night definitely helps! To participate in Trivia Night on May 3, hit this link. The organizers of this event would be more than excited to answer any questions you may have as well. For inquiries, feel free to contact the Coordinator of Student Activities, Stephanie Haskell, at

Along with the upcoming Trivia Night, there are many more fun opportunities for NECC students to get involved. One of those being the Community College Spring Virtual Festival that includes five music variety acts and prizes! This event will be hosted on May 5 and 6th from  6 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Zoom. Register with your NECC email here.

The Community Outreach Group will also host a Game of Thrones virtual trivia event on April 30 from 7 to 8 p.m.

According to email from COG, “in addition to being crowned the ultimate victor, you can benefit The National Alliance on Mental Illness in Massachusetts.” There will be prizes for best thematic dress and for the winner of the trivia contest. Zoom address:
Passcode: 755024

Contact Gage Prezioso at or Meredith Gunning at for additional questions about the COG trivia night.