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Knights Soccer team

On Oct. 23 the NECC Knights Soccer team were 2-9-1 and were facing Massasoit Community College at noon.  

Their head coach is Eusebio Marote this season. 

They are having a bad season. They have a losing record, but the coach said the second half of the season has shown improvement.  

“I believe you know a lot of new guys young guys in the beginning of the season were trying to figure it out, our groove way and you know the second half of the season it’s been a little better that helps a lot, finishing off the season strong and I think that what it is a couple of young guys still getting used to each other and I think the second half of the season is been an improvement so that’s a good way to look at it,” said Marote 

They are still communicating to each other and getting a long together which is probably why they are having a little bit of improvement in the second half of the season.  

 Since they are having a poor season, I had to ask Marote if any players won’t be back or if there will be any cuts and we will see any new faces for the 2022 campaign.   

NECC Knights in action on Oct. 23 vs Massasoit Community CollegePhoto by Jose Rodriguez, Sports Editor

NECC Knights in action on Oct. 23 vs Massasoit Community College

“With the number at the moment we would love to have some more guys so I don’t think at the moment won’t be many cuts for next year,” he said. “ I do want to have a roster of probably 24, 25 or even 26. At the moment we have 18, 17 and couple guys will be graduating so I don’t think there will be any cuts next year at the moment.”     

Jesus Guzman of Lawrence is a freshman on the team. I asked him how he prepared for a game. 

“Before the game we usually do a passing drill of what we’ve been practicing a lot so that get us warmed up before the game. I think it is just our own concentration for the game we do it as a team and we figure it out from there,” he said.  

 Warming up is a big key before the game so the body and the muscles are activated when you are in the field and everything that you did during practice you put it in the game to play hard the right way and aggressive.  

Jonathan Chasse of Haverhill  is a sophomore goalkeeper.  Being a student athlete it’s not easy, it’s a little bit of hard work that is required. 

 “I got a tutor that helps me a lot and we work two, three times a week so that really help to keep me up with my grades,” he said. Having a tutor, it’s beneficial because it helps setting up a schedule and the things that need to get done in a certain day.  

Ethan Rousseau of Haverhill is a sophomore team member. We know all athletes have different things to get better when they are in the field. Before Saturday’s game he mentioned “definitely communication with my teammates, in the right type of communication, often times myself and some of my teammates we tend to yell at each other to get our message across where kind of stepping back and looking back it from different point of view might get the point across better.”  

Communication is a big a key if Rousseau and his teammates start communicating and stop yelling I am pretty sure that they can improve their records and possible have a winning record and head to the postseason.